January 02, 2011

New Year's and resolutions

R doesn't do resolutions. He is pretty much the kinda person who thinks if he wants to change something, why wait for a specific date to do so? Why not start at the time you decide you want to change.

That and he thinks he's perfect!

I understand his point, and generally think that if there is something big about your life or your self that you want to change you should just do it.  A specific date doesn't make it easier or better, it just gives you a start date.

But I also like the idea of a new year and a new outlook. Of a time to seriously reflect and see how you can grow as a person. So I make resolutions and hope to keep them.  In no particular order:

This year I resolve to have more will power. I resolve to be better at listening. I resolve to take care of myself, and not allow myself to get run down and worn out. I resolve to think positive thoughts. And I resolve to be nicer at home.

I phrase my resolutions like that because it's not just a " I want to do this" but more as a reminder that I am resolving to do this, even if it's not easy. I am making a promise to myself.

So wish me luck.

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