November 05, 2010

Where have I been?

Short annswer: Busy.

Longer answer. Very busy. What with a new job, traveling on what seems like every weekend, and the days getting shorter, I find that I am almost always doing something, and when I am not doing soemthing, it's because I am asleep.

But fear not, I am back. Well, kinda. I'm not saying I won't blog here, (and let's face it, its not like I blogged with any semblance of regularity) but due to the impending wedding, I started another website just to talk about said wedding.

I hope that I will be able to keep all things wedding there, and the rest of my (sane) life here, so we'll see.

If you want to see how the wedding plans are going, visit  Voyage is like Bon Voyage.

and if you want to know how the Fest was, read on!

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