August 29, 2010

Wedding Idea

Let me preface this first by saying we are not doing this.  However, while I was lazing around today I began to wonder if there would be a way to have our wedding on a budget. A serious budget.  The kind of budget what would get us our own TV show about, thus making us famous and in turn rich (when we could then have a non-budget wedding). It would be a gimmick for sure, but when I really started to wonder about it, I began to wonder if someone could hold the type of wedding we want for the number of people we want for $1000 or less.

I mean, think about it.  Trading Places redecorates a WHOLE ROOM in your house for that, and in 2 days  no less.  Surely I could pull together a wedding in 2 years for $1000 or less? Yes, no or maybe? I might try to do something like, "In my Budget wedding we'll do this..." like the beautiful hydrangeas I bought yesterday, which would make great bouquets, for $4.00 a bunch.

Also I am toying with the idea of starting a "wedding etiquette blog" for those of us in the real world where we don't care if it's a 5:00 wedding, we want to wear flip-flops, and I am starting to feel a lot of the wedding business is a racket. Seriously, some of the prices I've gotten for things are just so outrageous, I not only wouldn't spend that much money on them, I would feel like I *couldn't* spend that much money on it. I wonder how much of those etiquette rules really honestly apply in this day and age? When the world is full of people who don't get married at 19 with their parents paying for everything, but who get married at 31 and have already been living together for 6 years and pay for it themselves because they have careers and their parents are retired and living in Boca (just an example people, just an example.)


ReL said...

Personally I like the idea of trying to acheieve your dream wedding on such a tight forces you to get super creative. And I bet it would be way more fun to watch that as a TV show versus Bridezilla.

Michele said...

if you really want to have your wedding on a budget, i'm your girl. But $1000? nope. Not even I could do that! (especially with an open bar:D). besides what's the point in planning so far in advance if you can't save up the money for cooler stuff. ps-i think we should run with your mom's girl weekend idea btw.