August 02, 2010


On Thursday night, R's band was supposed to play a show. I say supposed to, because it was not raining when we got there, or set up, or anything like that, but about 10 minutes before they were supposed to start their outside show, it started lightening. Then about 40 minutes after that, it started raining.  And that should have been that, but they decided to play an acoustic show which was not really great idea, as they could not set up their drums and thus was not their full band, but they are troopers, and I love that they did not want to disappoint their fans, so they did it.

Anyway, I went home when I realized it was closer to 11 than 10 and I needed to be awake early the next day, AND I still had to walk the dog.

I got home, walked the dog and was in bed reading when R got home. He got in bed to say goodnight, said " Hey, look at me" and I did, and he took my hand and asked me to marry him!!!


I said " Are you serious?"  He said "Yes," and I said " Of Course!" and then might have squealed some more, I honestly don't remember. I asked him one last time if he was serious and he said "Do you want me to get on one knee?" and he did!  We had my mom's diamond, and on Friday got it reset and are very very excited.  We've told our families and friends.  I think I am more excited than R, but I know he is excited too. I imagine there will be posts on the wedding here too, but I'll try to post at least as many non-wedding posts as wedding posts.



Kelly Star said...

Congrats!!! May you have many happy and blessed years and memories together!

Ashley said...

I am so happy for you two :) That is a super cute story as well. Very out of the blue and romantic

-ashley chapman