August 03, 2010

Camp Linn Haven

This week I am on vacation with my whole (new) family at Camp Linn Haven in Linville NC. It is  a Lutheran Church camp in the beautiful mountains of NC and is the perfect place to relax and do nothing.  Perfect example: Today I took a nap from 1:00 to 5:25.


This was followed by and preceded by lots of reading, sitting on the many porch swings, and eating.  After dinner usually the evenings start with game playing and drinking, and it is the most relaxed setting you can imagine.  This is only slightly exaggerated.  There are a lot of family members here which means lots of kids, and lots of kids means lots of noise, but there is also lots of outside and open space for the kids to run in, scream in, jump in and be kids in.  Which makes it a little more great actually.  The best part about the whole day was the 30 or so minutes I spent down by the river with my guy skipping rocks, and just enjoying the "zen" of the moment.   I wish I had more exciting stuff to blog about, but really, this vacation is just what the DR. ordered.

Good food, great company, and lots of free time!

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