August 12, 2010

Call a Dr! She's got "Wedding Stuff"

So even though we've picked a date far into the future (2 years, 8 months and some odd number of days if anyone wants to know) that doesn't mean I'm not letting myself get carried away with the fun of planning, looking, brainstorming, stressing, planning some more, calling places and in general getting fully overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Wedding Stuff there is out there.

It's almost like a epidemic, the amount of Wedding Stuff. websites, pictures, magazines, bridal shows, etiquette books, more websites.  And the crazy thing is, I didn't exactly shy away from Wedding Stuff before we got engaged. I would look at websites, or magazines, or offer advice and suggestions to my friends who were tying the knot; like most little girls, I had an idea in my head from the time I was old enough to imagine, what I wanted my wedding to be like, and though it might have changed in the many years since then ('cause I was most likely 3, if not younger when i discovered big poofy dresses) I've thought about it my whole life.

I mean, really who hasn't. And I'll ignore all those hands raised by the men out there. But I don't think I've met a girl who hasn't' at some point in her life said I'm going to do "X" when I get married.

But I had no idea how much more there was out there. How much stuff one can inundate themselves in if they try (and I define "try" as Google: wedding ideas). I have started a wedding binder, because I love organization and office supplies like runners love running, and I wish I could scan it all into this website and let you see just how obsessed I have become, and it's been 2 weeks.  I might upload some photos at some point, when the ideas have been refined a little bit. We'll see.

The good part of all of this is I am blissfully happy. I have also discovered  that I would be just as happy if we were to go to city hall or a Justice of the Peace, or the Courthouse and just get married. But we want to do this with our friends and families. And i like that fact that we both want the ceremony and pageantry of this tradition, as much as we want to spend the rest of our lives with each other.

The thing so many people can forget, and I am sure I will lose sight of at some point, be it for 10 minutes or 10 months (though I hope not that long) is this whole thing is about spending the rest of my life with the man I love.

The rest is just details!


Courtney said...

2 years and 8+ months?!?! I'm sure there's an excellent reason for this. Congratulations and Best Wishes again!

ReL said...

<3 the last paragraph! It makes all the stress,etc that women go through so worth it in the end.