August 21, 2010

B and MOH

Today my very good friend, K and I went to do the very first round of  trying on wedding dresses.  It was *so* much fun!! I went to Priscilla of Boston, in Cameron Village in Raleigh, and we had a lovely time.  It was very personalized, the consultant took the time to not only ask what I wanted and didn't want, but also asked about the other stuff in my wedding, so I could have a full picture of what we were getting. It was great!!

i had looked online a lot of the types of dressed I thought I wanted, and finalized it down to about 6, but they didn't have a few in the store yet (as they are new) so while we were there, I picked 2 others.  I have always pictured myself in a very poofy, crinoline-filled cream puff of a dress. I want a dress that stands on its own, with no help from me.

After today I realize that is not the style for me at all.

But there are other styles that look very good, and I found a few that I really liked. Of course I can't (or choose not to ) post pictures, since I don't want R to see it before the big day, whenever it may be.

I feel that when I get one detail nailed down, be it dress, or venue or heck, even a final number on the guest list, I will be a little less concerned with all the other details falling into place.

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