August 16, 2010

1000 or so days to go.

Despite my best intentions, I can see that for the moment, this blog is going to be taken over by the wedding planning.  But, it's my blog, and I guarantee that having a place to let it all out will be entertaining to say the least.  And maybe some of  my adventures will help others out there.

One thing a lot of people have asked (after asking how he proposed and to see the ring) is have we set a date yet. We haven't really set a date, however there are some rules we must follow.

1. Cannot be in the fall or winter as there is are Charlotte Basketball games, or a Florida Football games (as R and his family are avid sports fans, and I refuse to have people leave our wedding to watch the Gators trounce LSU or someone), or UNC-Chapel Hill games, get the picture.
2. I do not like cold weather, so I prefer not to be married in the winter.  It makes me grumpy bear.
3. I like spring and fall, however, we must take into account rule 1.
4. Our guest list is already at over 200 people, and that's mostly family.  We have a lot of family. And we want to have them all with us to celebrate.
5.Two words. Open Bar.

So we're trying to pick a date far enough in the future to save up and not go crazy in the planning.  Plus it gives us lots of time to find vendors, caterers, florists and everyone else we need to have at the wedding.

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Anonymous said...

Open bar.. yikes! The place we had our wedding at wanted to charge us $8 per person per hour... ahhh!!! Good luck finding a place! I want to see your face and talk to you about wedding stuff! I loved planning ours. :-)-Mrs. Mack