July 28, 2010

Vin Rouge

Last night R's parents came to town and we took them to Vin Rouge! This to me has always been the quintessential French Bistro, conveniently located in Durham. Much easy to get to than fly to Paris, but the atmosphere and food make you feel like you are there! And being that I think a part of me is French (based upon my middle and last names) I love anything that makes me feel like I am there in a little Cafe or Bistro in Paris, where I could step outside and see buildings older than the country in which I live, and hear the bells of Notre Dame. If they still ring. I don't know if they still do, but if so, I feel like I could step out and hear them after eating at Vin Rouge! I also feel like I should buy a beret to wear after eating there. Cliche? maybe. True? Absolutely!

We started out with a 3 cheese plate, which also came with walnuts and crisp red grapes, and three of us got the Mixed Green Salad, which I love because it has chunks of apple, blue cheese, and walnuts on it, and the most delicous Dijon Vinaigrette.  

R's mom and I each had a glass of wine, and sadly, I do not remember what hers was aside from White, but I had a Beaujolais (which I had for the first time in Paris with my granddad; I laughed at how many letters there are in the word that you don't pronounce, so it's kinda my favorite but I rarely find it anywhere!). 

For our entrees R was the only one who did not order off the menu, instead he opted for one of the Chef's specials, which was braised Rabbit leg over polenta with onions and peppers and tomatoes. Since I make it a habit to steal a bite whenever he is the more adventurous eater, I tasted it. And it was good.  The rest of us all had the hanger steak which is topped with a blue cheese, served with a small salad (more Dijon dressing!) and Pommes Frites. Which I must say, are the absolute best ever. Super crispy, just the right amount of salt, perfect! Whoever invented French Fries, pommes frites, papas fritas, or whatever you want to call them is my hero, but whoever cooks them at Vin Rouge is my Idol.

We had eaten so much we opted of dessert, but they did have fresh made chocolate mousse as the special dessert. It looked wonderful.

It was a lovely night, great company and a great atmosphere (as I have already said, but it bears repeating)

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ReL said...

I have never been to France and never been to a French Bistro but you make it sound tantalizing!