July 16, 2010

Trip down memory lane.

In the summer between 1st and 2nd grade my family moved from the mountains of North Carolina to Cary. Cary was the first real "city" I had lived in, and I was in awe of it. It was bigger, hotter, brighter, newer, everything I had not yet experienced at the tender age of 7.

We moved into an apartment, and I don't remember being amazed or suprised by this, but I do remember being amazed by how *much* of everything there was. How many people, how much traffic, how many cars, how many restaurants.  But I got used to it and a few years later we moved to Chapel Hill, where I did the rest of my growing up, went to college, went to Europe, came back and settled in closer to Chapel Hill and Durham.

However today my job sent me to Cary to help out , and it is unreal to be in the same area, close to where I played years ago, and have some things change so much, and others be exactly the same.  I looked up online ( which wasn't even an option when we first moved there) the apartments where we lived.  And my how things change.  When we lived there, it was avocado green stove, dishwasher and fridge, now they are all stainless steel.  The floors had this fantastic retro (and by that I mean avocado green and marigold yellow) pattern. Now they are white vinyl.  The playground I played at was full of metal slides and swings, not the fancy plastic ones in place today.  I remember when we used to play fort under the bushes and in the woods, and can't imagine that children would be allowed to do that now.

I was telling a friend about it, and that's when it first hit me that this was 20 years ago. That's practially a whole person who can drinks life time. And that made me feel old, at the tender age of 27.  I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes, but it was just a moment where I had the thought flash through my mind, OMG I can remember 20 years ago. That's a long time!

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