July 31, 2010


Thursday nigth R's band had a show at The James Joyce pub in downtown Durham.  It had been rainy the day before, but we were certain that in NC in the summer, 30% chance of rain when the skies were clear were nothing to worry about.  We went to dinner at Satisfaction, in Brightleaf Square, and then headed to the Joyce to get set up, hang out and wait for our friends/R's fans to show up. 

About the time we got everything set up it started flashing lightening.  We assumed, since we could still see the sky that this was just NC heat lightening, and we could let it blow over.  Then it got windy. Then the clouds rolled in. Since the Joyce has an outdoor patio and that's where shows happen, we had to break the set down and scratch the plan for a show, which was a disappointment to us all.

R stayed behind to play an acoustic show (which isn't easy to do as a non-acoustic band) and I got a ride home.  Thinking I would be sweet, I walked the dog so R wouldn't' have to do it in the rain at around midnight when I was expecting him to get home. Dexter had a good walk, and we took a short cut across the field, as it was raining still, and I was tired of walking in it.  Typical to me, Dexter lunges after an imaginary rabbit or some such animal, and I fall in the ONE patch of mud on the whole hill.

Then of course the rain stops, and when R gets home there is not a drop to be seen falling from the sky.


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