July 25, 2010

Papa Murphy's

A while back this store opened not too far from our house, and we received a few coupons in the mail.  R has wanted to try it for a while, but for me the summer is not the time for a nice hot slice of pizza.

However last night was date night, and we agreed that it would be a good time to try it.

After a little online research we knew that it was a Take-and-Bake place, so I got the coupon, went up there and ordered a 3 topping pizza.  Which they made in front of me. Each pizza has 60 slices of pepperoni (if you order it; I'm not sure how many sausage crumbles, or ham slices, but I'd bet they don't skimp on those either), the cheese is freshly grated each day, the veggies are purchased fresh each day, and the dough is made to order. The man told me they never freeze anything there, and it's true! I could see in the kitchen, and there was no freezer. Lot's of coolers, but no freezer.

I also ordered the Cinnamon Wheel, and the Cheesy-Bread (coupon!!) and they are all cook at home. When I was done the man helped me carry them all out to my car as well, which to me is just above and beyond customer service!

When R got home I already had the cheesy bread in the oven cooking! The directions say 10 minutes, and they are not kidding! After 10 minutes our house smells like warm cheesy garlic-y bread and the pizza was ready to go in. I might try cooking it a little longer next time, as I prefer my crust to be a little crunchier than this was, but it was good.

We agreed everything was good, not as processed tasting as the other pizza places and we will definitely try other pizza options.  I saw they have a Hawaiian style and I am very excited for us to have people over and try it!

Oh yeah! The other thing I love about them is you can get all the nutritional information on their website, so I know just how "bad" I'm being when I eat 2 pieces of cheesy bread, and 2 pieces of pizza!

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