July 03, 2010

Open up!

As crazy as this might sound, the weather has been pretty awesome.  So awesome in fact that last night we slept with our windows open.  In North Carolina, in the middle of summer. No, our air conditioner didn't break. We did it willingly.

Why you might ask? For anyone who has ever lived in the south you understand that it's not the heat that will get you, it's the humidity. You must be thinking how in the world? WHY in the world?  The simple answer is, because the weather is pretty freakin' perfect right now. It got down to about 56 degrees last night, which means not only did we sleep with the windows open, we slept under blankets. In JULY!

The weather for the past few days reminds me of a movie where all that is missing are the cartoon birds to help you get dressed in the morning; in other words, perfect.

I couldn't help driving to work thinking about how beautiful the weather is. How blue the sky was.  How clear the air was. How much I wanted to sit my butt outside today all day and bask in the gloriousness that is this weather.And I might make a quick escape to sit behind my office on a park bench for a few moments and do just that. this is the type of weather that screams outside picnics, cookouts and pool parties, or sitting on the lake with a cool drink and a good book, and not a care in the world.

Enjoy this drop of sunshine and this long weekend!

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