July 23, 2010

One of those days

Do you ever have those days where all you can think about is food?  It doesn't matter what you've already eaten, you're still hungry. It doesn't matter how much you are looking for something healthy, you have a craving for nachos, or coke, or cheese fries; something definitively not healthy.

today is one of those days for me, and I am really unsure why.  I ate breakfast, and lunch, and had a snack (jello) and yet all I can focus on is how hungry I am, and what I would like to eat if I were not at work.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Somewhat unrelated, but on the subject of food, last night R and I had a surprise date night at my favorite sushi restaurant, Shiki Sushi.  (They have sister restaurant in Raleigh, if Durham is too far for someone.)

We had a Bonsai roll and a Taso Roll, and they were very far removed from my normal sushi roll comfort zone, but both were really good. I loved the pickled ginger in the Taso Roll, and the octopus in the Bonsai roll. Normally I shy away from (read: run screaming and cowering) raw fish sushi, because I do not handle the texture very well.  There's just something about  the size of the fish, and how it really isn't chewy, or crunch, or anything. It's...more...soft? That's not really what I mean either, but it's the best I can do. The point of this ramble is that raw fish sushi isn't my cup of tea, though I will try it if it is in a roll, and sounds good.  That is certianly what we got in these two rolls, though I will say the eel sauce on the bonsai roll was a little sweet for my taste, but R loved it.  All in all, highly recommend. 

Also I had a glass of the Seven Sisters wine. Normal price: $9.50. Thursday night price $6.00.  That's right, they have drink specials!! I noticed on the menu that  Sunday night is 1/2 off bottles, and Monday is $3 beers, Tuesday and Wednesday are $6 martini's and cocktails. I don't remember Friday and Saturday, but chances are they are good specials then too!

It's good to know the drink specials, so when you have the impromptu date nights you can really make it special, even if it's not the weekend. It was R's treat to me since I've had what could be considered the worst possible week so far in recorded history. It's like Murphy's Law times 4. Squared. and maybe that is times 10, just to really rub in how bad it was.

But today is Friday, I have the weekend to look forward to, and a vacation in one week. YAY!


CCS said...

Hey A - Way to get out of your comfort zone with the sushi. I have always wanted to try Seven Sisters. Have a great weekend! The weekend is bound to be better than your week from hell! It's the frickin' weekend!

Amanda said...

Shiki Sushi - let's make a date!!!