July 12, 2010

Look Like A Movie Star

I'm always a little surprised when I read magazines and they have picture labeled "Stars like us" or :"Stars with no make up" or things like that. I mean, yes they are celebrities, but they are also normal people who probably like to roll out of bed, throw on some pants and a shirt and run their errands just like the rest of us. Who can blame them?

But I also see there are some stars who never seem to be in that category. Who no matter what they are doing, where or when, they are perfectly made up.  And I had to wonder, how much time does that take? How much energy goes into being perfectly presented every single second take.  How much does it really matter? 

So I decided to try it for my self.  For one whole week, Starting today, I will not leave the house if I am not fully put together. I mean make-up done, hair done, real clothes (not my favorite summer cargo pants but real outfits). I'll document how much time it takes, how I feel about it and we'll see if it is as much work as I think it is going to be, or if it is really fun!


Michele said...

can we make bets on this one?:D

Nikki said...

I've been doing this lately. I started by buying some "grown up clothes" and getting rid of some of my really old, kind of grungy clothes that I've had since college. I have to say, it makes me feel so much better about myself. I've been eating better and working out more, so that I can look even better in my new, more mature-looking clothes. :-) Let me know how you like it when your trial run is over! -Mrs. Mack