July 03, 2010

Land Of Oz/There's no place like home.

Who remembers the first time they saw the Wizard of Oz? For me it was probably around 1988, because for my birthday in 1989 I got a copy of the anniversary edition of The Wizard of Oz.  And I loved it. I knew all the songs, and was as scared of the Wicked Witch of the West as anyone should be. But through the years I stopped watching it; I honestly do not remember the last time I watched the whole thing.

But it's one of those things that stays with you.

SO imagine my surprise and excitement when for Christmas we got a trip to the Land of Oz.  R's whole family got a trip, to be more specific. So last Friday we loaded up (and I mean LOADED up, the car was packed with food, games, and people) and headed toward Boone, NC. We had a relatively uneventful ride up Beech Mountain, and found our "Home away from home" for the next three days. It was a beautiful house perched on the side of the mountain.  This is the front, and the back was nothing but windows, offering a stunning view of the mountains and valley's below.  Some members of the family got to stay in Dorothy's house, which was also the entrance to the Land of Oz itself. Friday night (after several Lemon Drop martini's) we wondered down the stairs of Dorothy's house, through the tornado and into the "after" house, then opened the back door and we were in Oz. Yellow Brick Road and all. The only downside to exploring the Land of Oz after some Martinis is at some point I thought it would be a good idea to take my flip flops off, and go barefoot. R decided to go back home and on the way rescue said flip flops, but all I heard was "go back home".  Turns out he spend an hour wondering around OZ and waiting for me while I was taking my sweet time, because I thought he had gone back home...Oops! I blame the martini's.

Saturday R and I had to go down the mountain to buy forgotten dinner supplies, everyone else went to OZ and had fun. I won't post pictures here to protect the innocent (or guilty) but I will say that there were costumes and a script, and I heard that "Over the Rainbow" was sung as well.  I'm sorry I missed it. To even things out, every family had agreed to be in charge of one meal, and R and I got Saturday night dinner. We had oven fried chicken stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, mashed potatoes, rolls, home made mac and cheese, salad, and Over the Rainbow cupcakes. They were awesome! I hope to get some pictures at some point from someone in the family who did remember to bring a camera. But despite a trip down the mountain, I still forgot eggs, so I had to wonder around and find an occupied house and a neighbor who would lend me an egg.
Kind, unsuspecting neighbor: "Hello?"
Me:"Hi, I'm staying in the house next door, for the land of oz, and I am making cupcakes and I need an egg...?"
Kind and now slightly scared neighbor: Blank Stare
Me: "I'll bring you a cupcake!"
Kind neighbor "Well OK then."

I not only gave him one cupcake, but 5 because 24 cupcakes is a lot, even for 14 people.

Sunday was mostly the "pack up and go home" type of day that always punctuates a trip, but R and I did spend a very pleasant afternoon at his folks house, eating both lunch and dinner there before coming home. It is always nice to see R's family, and the cool weather in the mountains, and good food made this a weekend to remember for sure!

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Michele said...

where is this oz and how do i get there? glad to see the new blog-date but i must admit i was confused at first! don't think i've forgotten our idea. hush, hush mind you! but get those pictures girlie!