July 08, 2010

Just another day in the office

I am sure we all have these encounters; the ones where you look back at it moments after it has finished and you think: "Did that really just happen?" 

As I sit in my office and contemplate how I got to be where I am now, I am reminded of some of the crazier things I have encountered in the customer service business. From selling Jewlry at a large department store to the real estate company I currently work for now, there are times when I just almost have to scratch my head and go "Really people?! REALLY??"

Like the time when I worked for a bank and a person came in irate because her checking account was overdrawn.  I looked up her account, and sure enough, she had a very large overdrawn amount.  She argued with me that it could not be the case as she still had checks left in her check book.

Yes, I am serious.

Or the time when working for the Fine Jewlry counter a woman who had bought a Guess watch wanted me to change the battery. I explained that it wasn't something we did, and she threw a fit and insisted that I had to change her watch battery because she had bought it from me. The Fine Jewlry Counter didn't sell Guess watches. In an effort to provide outstanding customer service, I thougth what the heck, and said I would change it. Then I noticed the pull wasn't pushed all the way in, and that's why the watch didn't work. When I showed her that she said "Do you think I'm an idiot? I know how to operate a watch" I didn't respond "Obviously not" but I wish I had.

Or the customer who came in one day and complained about dog poo in her trash can. In a doggie bag mind you, but it wasn't her dog's poo. She complained about this problem daily and even came to tell me she had followed the offender and knew who it was. She wanted me to kick them out. I wanted to ask her how she could have so much free time as to be that concerned with poo, but again, I didn't.

Do you ever have these types of experiences? Let me know I'm not alone!!

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