July 02, 2010

How about a nice punch?

I just tried the Crystal Light On the Go- Fruit Punch flavor. LOVE IT!!

I used to think Hawaiian Punch was the bomb(like, when I was 5), but then several years ago I started "treating" myself to Kool-Aid fruit punch mix when I wanted something sweet, but now that I have discovered this: I am hooked. 

For years I only drank the Crystal Light  lemonade, but branched out in high school and starting drinking the Raspberry Ice.  The one downside to the Raspberry though was it stained. Badly. Better not spill it or whatever you were holding, drinking, or wearing was going to be RED.

Then I gave up on Crystal light altogether for a while, went with my Kool-Aid or plain water, and now...I am back on the Crystal Light.

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