July 15, 2010

Experiment: Day 3

Day one was pretty normal, wake up at pretty much the normal time, get dressed, but take more time to actually dry and straighten my hair, apply my make up to match my outfit, rather than just the barest makeup I can put on, and spritz on some perfume. (Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly). Go to work.  Where at first, no one comments on anything about either my appearance or my hair, but I will admit, I work in an office full of males, and sometimes these slight differences go unnoticed. But that's ok, I feel more professional. Then later in the afternoon, when I have pretty much forgotten all about it, someone comes in to send a fax and comments on how nice my perfume is. 

Day two: Again, get dressed in a real outfit, and go out with my guy for a date.  We go see a movie, and at the movie theater the concession stand lady comments on my nail polish and loves it!! After the movie we go to a Korean BBQ place (more on that later) and the waitress again comments on my perfume. Different perfume, still, people love it!  We then go to get dessert, and no one mentions anything about any part of me, but at that point, I am beyond happy; savoring every comment to put on my blog.

Day three: I go to the Dr and the first thing she says is how nice and professional I look.  I explain my experiment idea to her, and she laughs and says, of course people treat you differently! That's about all I get from the experiment on Day 3, however, I do notice I try to be more aware of what I am doing with my hair ( not just pull it up in a bun) so that I carefully crafted hairdo (read: straightened hair in 1000% humidity) will not look bad.

So far this experiment has gotten me 4 compliments, and has only meant I had to wake up about 20 minutes earlier than normal. It's been interesting though, how much I check my reflection, or pat my hair, or reapply my lipstick. Those parts of the experiment make me feel a little silly.

This weekend will be interesting, as we are going to a cabin in the mountains, and I would never EVER consider wearing makeup and real outfits there. I will have to come up with a "low-key" look ;)

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ReL said...

This is very interesting...I think it would take me longer than the extra 20 minutes you took though. I never put on makeup even to go to work and when I do that alone seems to take half an hour. Good job on keeping up with it though!