July 19, 2010

Cabin Fever

Already I miss the cabin where we spent the weekend.  It belongs to R's dad, and is in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  We went there this weekend with some couple friends of ours for a weekend of doing nothing and relaxing, and that is exactly what we did.  We left on Friday and per usual, stopped at Sonic for dinner. This was the first time two of our friends had ever eaten at a Sonic, and they were amazed and a little skeptical of the phone at the booth where you place your order. But we showed them how it worked (with much laughing) and soon we were all ready to eat. After that we drove to the cabin, and got settled in.  We took Dexter, our dog, and I don't think he could have imagined anything better than to be outside off the leash with a *creek* in his back yard.  He was thrilled, and practialy wagged himself to death he was so excited. He went for about 1 million swims in the creek over the course of the weekend.

We stayed up and hung out for a while, but around 1:30 or so I gave up the fight to stay awake and went to bed.

Saturday started out with a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and was followed by a very nice hike up the creek (and back down). We saw a salamander (we believe a 4 toed salamander) and a crayfish, and of course, a big black dog.  Dexter loved to attack sticks, and will rip them apart, and we spend a long time watching him attack some sticks and branches on the creek.  After we returned to the cabin, we played some board games, and snacked.  Then we spent the afternoon napping, eating lunch and napping some more. It was AWESOME!

Sunday was low key again, we got to swim in the creek a little more than on Saturday, cleaned the place up, and by about 4pm were headed home. It was so nice to just do nothing with our friends.  I already am looking forward to another trip to the cabin!!

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Amanda Barnhardt said...

The cabin truly sounds lovely. Think R would let you have a girls weekend up there? We could finally do our Eat Pray Love book club since I think we've all 4 finished it by now. And vino would be a must!