July 31, 2010


Thursday nigth R's band had a show at The James Joyce pub in downtown Durham.  It had been rainy the day before, but we were certain that in NC in the summer, 30% chance of rain when the skies were clear were nothing to worry about.  We went to dinner at Satisfaction, in Brightleaf Square, and then headed to the Joyce to get set up, hang out and wait for our friends/R's fans to show up. 

About the time we got everything set up it started flashing lightening.  We assumed, since we could still see the sky that this was just NC heat lightening, and we could let it blow over.  Then it got windy. Then the clouds rolled in. Since the Joyce has an outdoor patio and that's where shows happen, we had to break the set down and scratch the plan for a show, which was a disappointment to us all.

R stayed behind to play an acoustic show (which isn't easy to do as a non-acoustic band) and I got a ride home.  Thinking I would be sweet, I walked the dog so R wouldn't' have to do it in the rain at around midnight when I was expecting him to get home. Dexter had a good walk, and we took a short cut across the field, as it was raining still, and I was tired of walking in it.  Typical to me, Dexter lunges after an imaginary rabbit or some such animal, and I fall in the ONE patch of mud on the whole hill.

Then of course the rain stops, and when R gets home there is not a drop to be seen falling from the sky.


July 29, 2010


I am so looking forward to going to camp this summer.  This is not like camping, but a church camp in the cool mountains of North Carolina. We will have days packed with nothing to do, and nights will be spent playing board games, card games and socializing. It is the epitome of relaxation.  We can go hike Grandfather Mountain if we choose, or go to sliding rock, or sit on swing and do nothing at all. I am leaning more and more towards the latter option!

But that means after Saturday there will be no blogging for a little while. But up until then, look for more musing and tart takes on life!

Tres no Trece

(I realize after I told R about this, it's not as funny in the retelling as it was when it happened but bear with me.)

Last night for dessert we went to Los Portales in the Renaissance shopping center and were going to just have dessert. We walked in, and since I work in a highly Spanish speaking environment, I tend to speak to people who's first language is Spanish *in Spanish*, I explained we were 3 people and just there for dessert.  The man said he would prepare a table for us, which I thought was a little weird, but whatever.

He motioned us around the corner where there was a table set up for 13 people and a booth. We choose to sit in the booth, but then a waiter came around the corner with 13 menus, 13 bowls of salsa, and 4 big bowls of chips.  At this point my mother and granddad are laughing, and the poor waiters are very confused. I explained, in English this time that there were only "tres" not "trece" and I was soo sooooo sorry for the misunderstanding.

My mom said she was going to tell them I don't really speak Spanish, but then they sent the only Non-Hispanic waiter over to our table, and I kept my mouth shut for the rest of the night. :/

July 28, 2010

Vin Rouge

Last night R's parents came to town and we took them to Vin Rouge! This to me has always been the quintessential French Bistro, conveniently located in Durham. Much easy to get to than fly to Paris, but the atmosphere and food make you feel like you are there! And being that I think a part of me is French (based upon my middle and last names) I love anything that makes me feel like I am there in a little Cafe or Bistro in Paris, where I could step outside and see buildings older than the country in which I live, and hear the bells of Notre Dame. If they still ring. I don't know if they still do, but if so, I feel like I could step out and hear them after eating at Vin Rouge! I also feel like I should buy a beret to wear after eating there. Cliche? maybe. True? Absolutely!

We started out with a 3 cheese plate, which also came with walnuts and crisp red grapes, and three of us got the Mixed Green Salad, which I love because it has chunks of apple, blue cheese, and walnuts on it, and the most delicous Dijon Vinaigrette.  

R's mom and I each had a glass of wine, and sadly, I do not remember what hers was aside from White, but I had a Beaujolais (which I had for the first time in Paris with my granddad; I laughed at how many letters there are in the word that you don't pronounce, so it's kinda my favorite but I rarely find it anywhere!). 

For our entrees R was the only one who did not order off the menu, instead he opted for one of the Chef's specials, which was braised Rabbit leg over polenta with onions and peppers and tomatoes. Since I make it a habit to steal a bite whenever he is the more adventurous eater, I tasted it. And it was good.  The rest of us all had the hanger steak which is topped with a blue cheese, served with a small salad (more Dijon dressing!) and Pommes Frites. Which I must say, are the absolute best ever. Super crispy, just the right amount of salt, perfect! Whoever invented French Fries, pommes frites, papas fritas, or whatever you want to call them is my hero, but whoever cooks them at Vin Rouge is my Idol.

We had eaten so much we opted of dessert, but they did have fresh made chocolate mousse as the special dessert. It looked wonderful.

It was a lovely night, great company and a great atmosphere (as I have already said, but it bears repeating)

July 25, 2010

Facebook Friends

Every once and while I go on a kick and add people o Facebook whom I knew in a life a long time ago. I add people from High School, college, maybe even middle school, and am somewhat amazed that they accept, since so much time has passed and so many things have changed.  Then there are the people who I look for from time to time can never find. 

And I have to  wonder if they are really not on Facebook, or if they have changed so much in their appearance that I would not recognize them anymore. We're all closing in on 30 sooner rather than later, and some of these people the last time I saw them was when I was 10. A lot can change about a person in, oh, 17 years.

I feel that the people I am friends with on Facebook are people I would say to "Yes, let's catch up in person." Or, "WOW!! I haven't seen you in ages. How are you?" I try to keep my facebook friends as people I actually care about in the real world as well.

What about you? Are you facebook friends (or Twitter or whatever) with people whom you know in person? Are you interested in their lives, would they recognize you in the street? Or are you friends with people you share interests with, but have never met in person?

Papa Murphy's

A while back this store opened not too far from our house, and we received a few coupons in the mail.  R has wanted to try it for a while, but for me the summer is not the time for a nice hot slice of pizza.

However last night was date night, and we agreed that it would be a good time to try it.

After a little online research we knew that it was a Take-and-Bake place, so I got the coupon, went up there and ordered a 3 topping pizza.  Which they made in front of me. Each pizza has 60 slices of pepperoni (if you order it; I'm not sure how many sausage crumbles, or ham slices, but I'd bet they don't skimp on those either), the cheese is freshly grated each day, the veggies are purchased fresh each day, and the dough is made to order. The man told me they never freeze anything there, and it's true! I could see in the kitchen, and there was no freezer. Lot's of coolers, but no freezer.

I also ordered the Cinnamon Wheel, and the Cheesy-Bread (coupon!!) and they are all cook at home. When I was done the man helped me carry them all out to my car as well, which to me is just above and beyond customer service!

When R got home I already had the cheesy bread in the oven cooking! The directions say 10 minutes, and they are not kidding! After 10 minutes our house smells like warm cheesy garlic-y bread and the pizza was ready to go in. I might try cooking it a little longer next time, as I prefer my crust to be a little crunchier than this was, but it was good.

We agreed everything was good, not as processed tasting as the other pizza places and we will definitely try other pizza options.  I saw they have a Hawaiian style and I am very excited for us to have people over and try it!

Oh yeah! The other thing I love about them is you can get all the nutritional information on their website, so I know just how "bad" I'm being when I eat 2 pieces of cheesy bread, and 2 pieces of pizza!

July 23, 2010

Oh My God, did that just happen?!

A resident came in to the office where I work and while she was talking to me and my co-worker her front tooth fell out.  Her response: "Oh, my tooth" and then she picked it up, held it in her hand and continued on with the conversation as if *nothing* had happened.

After she left my co-worker and I couldn't help but laugh.

What The Frack?!

One of those days

Do you ever have those days where all you can think about is food?  It doesn't matter what you've already eaten, you're still hungry. It doesn't matter how much you are looking for something healthy, you have a craving for nachos, or coke, or cheese fries; something definitively not healthy.

today is one of those days for me, and I am really unsure why.  I ate breakfast, and lunch, and had a snack (jello) and yet all I can focus on is how hungry I am, and what I would like to eat if I were not at work.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Somewhat unrelated, but on the subject of food, last night R and I had a surprise date night at my favorite sushi restaurant, Shiki Sushi.  (They have sister restaurant in Raleigh, if Durham is too far for someone.)

We had a Bonsai roll and a Taso Roll, and they were very far removed from my normal sushi roll comfort zone, but both were really good. I loved the pickled ginger in the Taso Roll, and the octopus in the Bonsai roll. Normally I shy away from (read: run screaming and cowering) raw fish sushi, because I do not handle the texture very well.  There's just something about  the size of the fish, and how it really isn't chewy, or crunch, or anything. It's...more...soft? That's not really what I mean either, but it's the best I can do. The point of this ramble is that raw fish sushi isn't my cup of tea, though I will try it if it is in a roll, and sounds good.  That is certianly what we got in these two rolls, though I will say the eel sauce on the bonsai roll was a little sweet for my taste, but R loved it.  All in all, highly recommend. 

Also I had a glass of the Seven Sisters wine. Normal price: $9.50. Thursday night price $6.00.  That's right, they have drink specials!! I noticed on the menu that  Sunday night is 1/2 off bottles, and Monday is $3 beers, Tuesday and Wednesday are $6 martini's and cocktails. I don't remember Friday and Saturday, but chances are they are good specials then too!

It's good to know the drink specials, so when you have the impromptu date nights you can really make it special, even if it's not the weekend. It was R's treat to me since I've had what could be considered the worst possible week so far in recorded history. It's like Murphy's Law times 4. Squared. and maybe that is times 10, just to really rub in how bad it was.

But today is Friday, I have the weekend to look forward to, and a vacation in one week. YAY!

July 20, 2010

The Hunger Games

A friend recommended this book to me over Taco Tuesdays, and when I had a chance, I stopped by my local Barnes and Noble and purchased The Hunger Games. Taken from the Scholastic website:

"Twenty-four are forced to enter. Only the winner survives.
In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. Each year, the districts are forced by the Capitol to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the Hunger Games, a brutal and terrifying fight to the death – televised for all of Panem to see.

Survival is second nature for sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who struggles to feed her mother and younger sister by secretly hunting and gathering beyond the fences of District 12. When Katniss steps in to take the place of her sister in the Hunger Games, she knows it may be her death sentence. If she is to survive, she must weigh survival against humanity and life against love."
At first I thought, "Well this might be good", but after, oh, about page 10 I was interested in this girl, in what she thought, what she knew and what she was going to do. It was enthralling.  I cared about what happened, and true to form, I read the book so quickly I now am re-reading it to actually absorb everything that happened, rather than rushing to the end and just wanting to be done so I can know what happened.

The second book by Suzanne Collins in this series is Catching Fire, and is equally good, if not better. It picks up soon after The Hunger Games ends, and you are even more caught up in Katniss Everdeen's life and decisions.  R and I read both of them, and according to him, this is a much more enjoyable book, it has more flesh to it, and more contents. and that's saying something.  I urge you to read these books, and keep your eyes open for the third installment, Mockingjay, due in approximately 34 days according to the clock on the Scholastic Website.

July 19, 2010

Cabin Fever

Already I miss the cabin where we spent the weekend.  It belongs to R's dad, and is in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  We went there this weekend with some couple friends of ours for a weekend of doing nothing and relaxing, and that is exactly what we did.  We left on Friday and per usual, stopped at Sonic for dinner. This was the first time two of our friends had ever eaten at a Sonic, and they were amazed and a little skeptical of the phone at the booth where you place your order. But we showed them how it worked (with much laughing) and soon we were all ready to eat. After that we drove to the cabin, and got settled in.  We took Dexter, our dog, and I don't think he could have imagined anything better than to be outside off the leash with a *creek* in his back yard.  He was thrilled, and practialy wagged himself to death he was so excited. He went for about 1 million swims in the creek over the course of the weekend.

We stayed up and hung out for a while, but around 1:30 or so I gave up the fight to stay awake and went to bed.

Saturday started out with a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and was followed by a very nice hike up the creek (and back down). We saw a salamander (we believe a 4 toed salamander) and a crayfish, and of course, a big black dog.  Dexter loved to attack sticks, and will rip them apart, and we spend a long time watching him attack some sticks and branches on the creek.  After we returned to the cabin, we played some board games, and snacked.  Then we spent the afternoon napping, eating lunch and napping some more. It was AWESOME!

Sunday was low key again, we got to swim in the creek a little more than on Saturday, cleaned the place up, and by about 4pm were headed home. It was so nice to just do nothing with our friends.  I already am looking forward to another trip to the cabin!!

July 16, 2010

Trip down memory lane.

In the summer between 1st and 2nd grade my family moved from the mountains of North Carolina to Cary. Cary was the first real "city" I had lived in, and I was in awe of it. It was bigger, hotter, brighter, newer, everything I had not yet experienced at the tender age of 7.

We moved into an apartment, and I don't remember being amazed or suprised by this, but I do remember being amazed by how *much* of everything there was. How many people, how much traffic, how many cars, how many restaurants.  But I got used to it and a few years later we moved to Chapel Hill, where I did the rest of my growing up, went to college, went to Europe, came back and settled in closer to Chapel Hill and Durham.

However today my job sent me to Cary to help out , and it is unreal to be in the same area, close to where I played years ago, and have some things change so much, and others be exactly the same.  I looked up online ( which wasn't even an option when we first moved there) the apartments where we lived.  And my how things change.  When we lived there, it was avocado green stove, dishwasher and fridge, now they are all stainless steel.  The floors had this fantastic retro (and by that I mean avocado green and marigold yellow) pattern. Now they are white vinyl.  The playground I played at was full of metal slides and swings, not the fancy plastic ones in place today.  I remember when we used to play fort under the bushes and in the woods, and can't imagine that children would be allowed to do that now.

I was telling a friend about it, and that's when it first hit me that this was 20 years ago. That's practially a whole person who can drinks life time. And that made me feel old, at the tender age of 27.  I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes, but it was just a moment where I had the thought flash through my mind, OMG I can remember 20 years ago. That's a long time!

July 15, 2010

Experiment: Day 3

Day one was pretty normal, wake up at pretty much the normal time, get dressed, but take more time to actually dry and straighten my hair, apply my make up to match my outfit, rather than just the barest makeup I can put on, and spritz on some perfume. (Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly). Go to work.  Where at first, no one comments on anything about either my appearance or my hair, but I will admit, I work in an office full of males, and sometimes these slight differences go unnoticed. But that's ok, I feel more professional. Then later in the afternoon, when I have pretty much forgotten all about it, someone comes in to send a fax and comments on how nice my perfume is. 

Day two: Again, get dressed in a real outfit, and go out with my guy for a date.  We go see a movie, and at the movie theater the concession stand lady comments on my nail polish and loves it!! After the movie we go to a Korean BBQ place (more on that later) and the waitress again comments on my perfume. Different perfume, still, people love it!  We then go to get dessert, and no one mentions anything about any part of me, but at that point, I am beyond happy; savoring every comment to put on my blog.

Day three: I go to the Dr and the first thing she says is how nice and professional I look.  I explain my experiment idea to her, and she laughs and says, of course people treat you differently! That's about all I get from the experiment on Day 3, however, I do notice I try to be more aware of what I am doing with my hair ( not just pull it up in a bun) so that I carefully crafted hairdo (read: straightened hair in 1000% humidity) will not look bad.

So far this experiment has gotten me 4 compliments, and has only meant I had to wake up about 20 minutes earlier than normal. It's been interesting though, how much I check my reflection, or pat my hair, or reapply my lipstick. Those parts of the experiment make me feel a little silly.

This weekend will be interesting, as we are going to a cabin in the mountains, and I would never EVER consider wearing makeup and real outfits there. I will have to come up with a "low-key" look ;)

July 12, 2010

Look Like A Movie Star

I'm always a little surprised when I read magazines and they have picture labeled "Stars like us" or :"Stars with no make up" or things like that. I mean, yes they are celebrities, but they are also normal people who probably like to roll out of bed, throw on some pants and a shirt and run their errands just like the rest of us. Who can blame them?

But I also see there are some stars who never seem to be in that category. Who no matter what they are doing, where or when, they are perfectly made up.  And I had to wonder, how much time does that take? How much energy goes into being perfectly presented every single second take.  How much does it really matter? 

So I decided to try it for my self.  For one whole week, Starting today, I will not leave the house if I am not fully put together. I mean make-up done, hair done, real clothes (not my favorite summer cargo pants but real outfits). I'll document how much time it takes, how I feel about it and we'll see if it is as much work as I think it is going to be, or if it is really fun!

July 08, 2010

Just another day in the office

I am sure we all have these encounters; the ones where you look back at it moments after it has finished and you think: "Did that really just happen?" 

As I sit in my office and contemplate how I got to be where I am now, I am reminded of some of the crazier things I have encountered in the customer service business. From selling Jewlry at a large department store to the real estate company I currently work for now, there are times when I just almost have to scratch my head and go "Really people?! REALLY??"

Like the time when I worked for a bank and a person came in irate because her checking account was overdrawn.  I looked up her account, and sure enough, she had a very large overdrawn amount.  She argued with me that it could not be the case as she still had checks left in her check book.

Yes, I am serious.

Or the time when working for the Fine Jewlry counter a woman who had bought a Guess watch wanted me to change the battery. I explained that it wasn't something we did, and she threw a fit and insisted that I had to change her watch battery because she had bought it from me. The Fine Jewlry Counter didn't sell Guess watches. In an effort to provide outstanding customer service, I thougth what the heck, and said I would change it. Then I noticed the pull wasn't pushed all the way in, and that's why the watch didn't work. When I showed her that she said "Do you think I'm an idiot? I know how to operate a watch" I didn't respond "Obviously not" but I wish I had.

Or the customer who came in one day and complained about dog poo in her trash can. In a doggie bag mind you, but it wasn't her dog's poo. She complained about this problem daily and even came to tell me she had followed the offender and knew who it was. She wanted me to kick them out. I wanted to ask her how she could have so much free time as to be that concerned with poo, but again, I didn't.

Do you ever have these types of experiences? Let me know I'm not alone!!

Up in the Air

As promised another movie review!

Up in the Air: A story about a man who lives his life avoiding commitment, relationships and his home town of Omaha.(Really, who can blame him on that front?)He gets to travel for a living. Kinda. He works for a company where his job is to help with "post employment relocation assistance" i.e. he fires people for a living.  But this is a leading man I could root for. He has goals in life, and since he is played by George Clooney, he's not hard on the eyes. He's funny. Obviously intelligent. Hard working, which some people would call dedicated.

While a very good movie, it was also predictable. Guy likes being bachelor. Check. Guy meets woman just like him. Check. Guy realizes maybe he doesn't like being a bachelor as much as he thinks he does and starts to woo said woman. Check. Life happens. Check. Movie ends.  Don't get me wrong, I really liked the movie; it made me laugh at the right parts, and stayed on this side of preachy. I easily could have been angered (as I so often am at movies where commitment is laughed at) but this movie didn't go down that road. as the filmmaker and director wanted, you start to form an attachment to him. To his life, to his desires, to what he is going through.

But for me to know something big was going to happen means it was pretty predictable, since no one would accuse me of being very observant in movies.  I very much willingly suspend my disbelief in movies most of the time and get caught up in the stories, losing focus on hints, foreshadowing or harbingers of any sort that would be obvious to most anyone else watching.

Side Note: I was very impressed by Anna Kendrick, whom up until now I only knew as Jessica from Twilight, and must admit, I thought she was shallow and annoying in that, and was pretty much shocked to learn she was really just acting that way, and that she is really talented. Had I never seen Twilight, I would never have thought of her as anything other than a really good actress. And don't get me wrong, I love the Twilight Saga, and have plans to have a date night to see Eclipse very soon!

Out of 5 stars, I'd give it 4.5, because I want to watch it again, I want to pay more attention, and I liked it. I knew how I felt about it right away.

July 07, 2010

Movie Review x 2!

I watched a lot of movies over this long weekend: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, All About Steve, Twilight: New Moon,(don't judge!) Under the Tuscan Sun, but 2 in particular stood out; Let The Right One In, and Up in the Air.

Let The Right One In:

A love story about a 12 year old boy and girl who are both awkward outcasts in their home of Sweden. He is bullied, she is lonely. The story is about their friendship and eventual falling in love, and the difficulties they encounter as he is continuously bullied and dealing with his own self loathing and she is a vampire who is also dealing with who she is and who she wants to be.

First thoughts: Not really sure actually. It stuck with me, it was haunting, somewhat sweet and somewhat disturbing, but I cannot say that I enjoyed this film. I see that imdb.com is running the trailers for Let Me In, the American adaptation of it, so I will most likely want to see it as well and compare. I do worry that some of the haunting parts will be lost in an American adaptation, and that some of the parts where words were minimized to create the mood will be ruined, as I can't think of a good American adaptation of a foreign film, but I might be surprised.

What surprised me the most was in the midst of this lovely story about 2 kids falling in love is this incredible gory story about a vampire as well. There were times when it was hard to put those two stories together in the same movie.  Out of 5 stars, I'd give it 3 as it was better than average, but I can't say that I loved it.

Stay tuned for my next post about Up in the Air.

July 03, 2010

Land Of Oz/There's no place like home.

Who remembers the first time they saw the Wizard of Oz? For me it was probably around 1988, because for my birthday in 1989 I got a copy of the anniversary edition of The Wizard of Oz.  And I loved it. I knew all the songs, and was as scared of the Wicked Witch of the West as anyone should be. But through the years I stopped watching it; I honestly do not remember the last time I watched the whole thing.

But it's one of those things that stays with you.

SO imagine my surprise and excitement when for Christmas we got a trip to the Land of Oz.  R's whole family got a trip, to be more specific. So last Friday we loaded up (and I mean LOADED up, the car was packed with food, games, and people) and headed toward Boone, NC. We had a relatively uneventful ride up Beech Mountain, and found our "Home away from home" for the next three days. It was a beautiful house perched on the side of the mountain.  This is the front, and the back was nothing but windows, offering a stunning view of the mountains and valley's below.  Some members of the family got to stay in Dorothy's house, which was also the entrance to the Land of Oz itself. Friday night (after several Lemon Drop martini's) we wondered down the stairs of Dorothy's house, through the tornado and into the "after" house, then opened the back door and we were in Oz. Yellow Brick Road and all. The only downside to exploring the Land of Oz after some Martinis is at some point I thought it would be a good idea to take my flip flops off, and go barefoot. R decided to go back home and on the way rescue said flip flops, but all I heard was "go back home".  Turns out he spend an hour wondering around OZ and waiting for me while I was taking my sweet time, because I thought he had gone back home...Oops! I blame the martini's.

Saturday R and I had to go down the mountain to buy forgotten dinner supplies, everyone else went to OZ and had fun. I won't post pictures here to protect the innocent (or guilty) but I will say that there were costumes and a script, and I heard that "Over the Rainbow" was sung as well.  I'm sorry I missed it. To even things out, every family had agreed to be in charge of one meal, and R and I got Saturday night dinner. We had oven fried chicken stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, mashed potatoes, rolls, home made mac and cheese, salad, and Over the Rainbow cupcakes. They were awesome! I hope to get some pictures at some point from someone in the family who did remember to bring a camera. But despite a trip down the mountain, I still forgot eggs, so I had to wonder around and find an occupied house and a neighbor who would lend me an egg.
Kind, unsuspecting neighbor: "Hello?"
Me:"Hi, I'm staying in the house next door, for the land of oz, and I am making cupcakes and I need an egg...?"
Kind and now slightly scared neighbor: Blank Stare
Me: "I'll bring you a cupcake!"
Kind neighbor "Well OK then."

I not only gave him one cupcake, but 5 because 24 cupcakes is a lot, even for 14 people.

Sunday was mostly the "pack up and go home" type of day that always punctuates a trip, but R and I did spend a very pleasant afternoon at his folks house, eating both lunch and dinner there before coming home. It is always nice to see R's family, and the cool weather in the mountains, and good food made this a weekend to remember for sure!

Open up!

As crazy as this might sound, the weather has been pretty awesome.  So awesome in fact that last night we slept with our windows open.  In North Carolina, in the middle of summer. No, our air conditioner didn't break. We did it willingly.

Why you might ask? For anyone who has ever lived in the south you understand that it's not the heat that will get you, it's the humidity. You must be thinking how in the world? WHY in the world?  The simple answer is, because the weather is pretty freakin' perfect right now. It got down to about 56 degrees last night, which means not only did we sleep with the windows open, we slept under blankets. In JULY!

The weather for the past few days reminds me of a movie where all that is missing are the cartoon birds to help you get dressed in the morning; in other words, perfect.

I couldn't help driving to work thinking about how beautiful the weather is. How blue the sky was.  How clear the air was. How much I wanted to sit my butt outside today all day and bask in the gloriousness that is this weather.And I might make a quick escape to sit behind my office on a park bench for a few moments and do just that. this is the type of weather that screams outside picnics, cookouts and pool parties, or sitting on the lake with a cool drink and a good book, and not a care in the world.

Enjoy this drop of sunshine and this long weekend!

July 02, 2010

How about a nice punch?

I just tried the Crystal Light On the Go- Fruit Punch flavor. LOVE IT!!

I used to think Hawaiian Punch was the bomb(like, when I was 5), but then several years ago I started "treating" myself to Kool-Aid fruit punch mix when I wanted something sweet, but now that I have discovered this: I am hooked. 

For years I only drank the Crystal Light  lemonade, but branched out in high school and starting drinking the Raspberry Ice.  The one downside to the Raspberry though was it stained. Badly. Better not spill it or whatever you were holding, drinking, or wearing was going to be RED.

Then I gave up on Crystal light altogether for a while, went with my Kool-Aid or plain water, and now...I am back on the Crystal Light.

Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

So for those of you who read my blog, undoubtedly you saw the last post, and wondered what the heck?!

There are going to be some changes to my blog, the first being a new name and a new direction. I really didn't feel inspired with One Gal's Guide, as life has taken some twists and turns and made it so I don't have time to be a guide to myself, let alone anyone else.  But that got me thinking, life has thrown some lemons at me lately, and all in all I think I'm handling them pretty well. It's not what you get but what you do with it that counts, and suddenly I was hit with inspiration! A new focus on the blog front and maybe there will be more readers, more interest, and more help than ever before. SO I made some goals with that in mind.

1. Post more. Seems silly, I know.
2. Be me. The Real Me, which can be dork-y to the extreme, but it's me.
3. Focus more on what you want to accomplish with this blog.
4. Try something new.

And low and behold, I found: This new thing called PayPerPost.com. It pays you for your opinion in your blog. You don't have to like what you're reviewing, you only have to review it. It amazes me that no one thought of this before, but I think it's genius.  Really, who doesn't have an opinion about something? I have a lot of them, and I know I cannot possibly be the only one who wants to get my two cents heard.

Who SMiles?

The shower smiles in a politician.