June 02, 2010


Starving actually.  Who would have thought I could be this hungry?  It's affecting my concentration, my tummy is growling.  I ate breakfast, a bowl of ceral and some blueberries, but now I feel ravenous. I am so hungry!!

I realize this is not the most interesting post, but it's all I can think of, and I am trying to make it 30 more minutes so my lunch hour will really cut the day in half.  That's the one down side to switching work hours, 9-6 is harder on the body than 8:30-5:30. Because my brain shuts down around 5:30 and I have to poke and prod it to keep it going another 30 minutes.

And I'm alone in the office today, so I am not only busy but lonely too.

Poor me, I know. I am lucky and fortunate to have a job, and I am very thankful about that.

But I'm still H.U.N.G.R.Y!!