May 08, 2010

Rooms to Go

as promised, a story that you will read, and say to yourself: "No, that can't possibly have really happened!!" But I assure you, it did. Oh, it did.

Back in 2009 R and I were looking for a couch. We had plans of purchasing a couch that was also a sleeper sofa so when various guests came we would have plenty of space for everyone. We had plans of purchasing a couch that said "the people who purchased me want you to feel comfortable and relaxed in their home, while at the same time admiring their taste" (that might have been more me than R, but ya know...) We had plans of purchasing a couch for under $500. Ha. HAHA. ahahaha, that plan quickly changed. But we did our due diligence, and shopped around and around and around, and finally found a sleeper sofa in a color that did not bother us, was comfortable and in our price range. We bought it. We arranged for delivery, and were proud of ourselves.

Delivery day came, and I got a phone call from R saying "it won't fit in the game room" but we quickly decided to leave it in the living room, move that couch to the game room and be done with it.

Upon my arrival home, I discovered that this couch was not the couch we had sat in at the store. It was the same type of couch, but it was not comfortable. It was not inviting. It was not pretty and latte colored. In short, it was not what I wanted after all. But RTG would let us pick a new one, arrange a new delivery and exchange this one, so I was sure we would be happy.

Jump ahead to the new delivery date, R and I are anxiously waiting our couch exchange ( after they have called us and said, sorry, we're late, be there sometime) and then hung up on me when I called and complained about that, as they had been very clear that we had to be there at the Window of time they were delivering our couch, or they would not call or anything, they'd just leave.

We are ready when they do show up! Delivery Guy (DG) shows up and says:
"I'm here to deliver a couch."
"Great" I say. "It might be easier for you to take this one out first"
"WHat? We're just delivering one, we ain't takin' nothin' away" he says
"What?!?" I say. "We arranged for an exchange"
"No, you didnt" he says oh-so-helpfully.
"Let me call the store and see what happened" I say "We need a moment" I say.
"You can't have a moment" he says so nicely. But I persist and call the store only to discover it turns out the very "helpful" salesman at RTG didn't finish the order, which would have made sure they could exhange the couches. After calling the store and being told, well sorry you'll have to call customer service tomorrow (at which point they would have taken the new couch, not taken the old couch, and not been able to reschedule a delivery for when we needed the couch by) and being told there was nothing they could do, DG says to us "You've missed your window, and we're leaving"

At which point R says" Now wait a minute..."

and DG gets up in his face threatening to "Whoop your ass boy"

Then storms off and drives away, taking my new couch with him, not taking the old new couch, and not giving us much time to make a decision.

Yes, he threatened violence. Yes, he took my paid for property. and what did RTG do? Not a dang thing.

They agreed to take the old sofa back, to cancel the new one, and let us be done. But no apologies, no credits or free coupons, or calls from customer service to offer assistance, nothing to make me want to ever shop there again.

Then about a week ago, they had the audacity to call and ask if we were happy with our recent purchase. That poor woman, she got an earful about just how "happy" we were. They didnt even have a note about the "situation" in our file. I'm amazed that the couch was taken off my credit account honestly.

So boys and girls, the moral of the story is: DON'T shop at Rooms to Go. Shop somewhere else. And make sure you confirm everything. Twice. With names and dates and who is in charge and phone numbers.

but the silver lining is we now have a lovely chocolate brown couch that is comfy and in our house, and was WAY cheaper!!

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