May 17, 2010


This weekend I went to a Rad Fest.

No, really, it was called RadFest. And it lived up to its' name!!

There were close to 100 bands there, playing everything from sea-shanties to hard core punk and some folk-y bands in between.

It was FUN!

I was most excited about seeing Greenland is Melting and Sharks Come Cruisin' and Coffee Project. Followed very closly by one of my favorite local bands, Red Collar. and the only reason they are not on my top three is I am lucky enough to get to see them more regularly. I had so much fun at these shows! Ask R, or anyone who really knows me, and they will tell you I am generally not a fan of large groups of people, or loud noises. This fest made me forget that those are 2 very big components to a fest. It was close-knit, friendly, not over-crowded, no long lines, but plenty of music. I got to talk to every band I wanted to. I got to be as close to the stage as I wanted (or as far!) I got to sing along! How could this be anything *but* fun?

I'll tell you, it couldn't.

I tend to lean towards the less yelling/screaming/sounds-like-you're-hearing-a guy-get-his-throat-stepped-on-and-ripped-out-at-the-same-time, and these three bands totally delivered. GIM was fun, bluegrass-y music that made me want to sing along, (and I did, trust me) CP made me smile and I was so glad they played my new favorite song by them, and the sea shanties and props of SCC make my night. Go listen to them. I'll wait for you to follow the link.


...(followed it yet?)

See?! It's fun, yet pirate-y at the same time. and who doens't love a good pirate. Now imagine that with posterboards with the words written on it so you too can sing along. Seriously, it's like the best thing ever. Don't you hate being at a show and loving the music, but not knowing the lyrics? Problem solved!! Stick to sea shanties, I'm telling you!!

I came home with 4 new shirts, a tote bag, a CD (well, that's the boy's but he wants me to listen to it) and a sunburn ( it was in Wilmington after all, and we had a condo on the beach). Over all, a great relaxing weekend. If there is a RadFest2, I say book it, go, listen, and you will be amazed.

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