May 26, 2010


This past weekend we went to Ohio for a friends' wedding. We drove. It was a very long drive, and I wasn't even the one doing the driving. R took the wheel and drove (round trip) 16 hours. Shows our dedication to our friends. The plus to this is we rented a nice car to drive which had Sirius Radio, a CD player, dual control heat and air, heated seats and cruise control. The minus-still an 8 hour drive each way; mostly through West Virginia.

Now, before you get all "Why you hatin' on WVA??", let me just say I am not hating on WV. I shall in fact keep all my thoughts about WV to myself.

But got through WV we did, and entered into Ohio, and made our way to Columbus. We had a GPS which made finding the hotel a breeze, and except for the $23 a day valet parking we had to do (because of course we are not capable of parking our own car at the hotel) it was a very nice quick check in. R had used his bargaining savvy on and got us a hotel room at The Columbus by Renaissance Hotels. Normal Room Rate up to $400 a night. What did we pay? About 80% less than that. It had a king size bed, nice bathroom, great view, and was blocks away from where we needed to be. Very good deal.

Rested for about 45 minutes, then got ready for the rehearsal dinner at the Greystone Wine Cellar. What a nice place! It was a great gathering place, curved ceilings that made you feel like you were really in a cellar, lots of wines (go figure) and great food. It was very nice to see our Bride and Groom, and nice to meet a lot of the people I had heard about. After everything had wound down, we were invited back to the wedding hotel for some less formal gathering. We thought it would be a good idea to drive back to our hotel, leave the car, and walk. And in theory this was a good idea. 4 blocks isn't that long unless it's pouring down rain. But a few beers later and we were all good again.

Flash forward to Saturday morning. Knowing R as I do, we decided not to partake of the overpriced hotel breakfast and instead walked to the Rise and Dine diner in the Arena District. We had a very nice walk there, had a yummy breakfast and then went to the Ohio tourist information center. I bought the softest shirt known to man.

Then we went and saw Iron Man 2. In a word : AWESOME!!!!!! in more than a word, I really enjoyed it. I realize I know nothing about comic book movies, but I liked the first one and I really liked this one. Very entertaining.

Then went went to Casa Sason, which is a latin-Euro grill with strong ties to Venezuelan food. We ordered the Pabellon Venezolano, and it was a-maz-ing. DE-lish. Yummy. Call it what you want, the food rocked.

We got ready for our departure to the COSI where both the wedding and reception were being held. It was lovely on both counts. But the reception itself was the most fun I think I've ever had. COSI is a hands on science center, and if that were not cool enough, the reception was held in the ocean wing. Let's just say open bar and water hands on science experiments=fun had by all. Great food, great dancing, great time.

Sunday was a slow trek back home, mostly because we weren't in a hurry. We stopped a few more times that we had going up to Ohio. This was a very good weekend and we had a lot of fun. But it sure was nice to be back home and see our doggie and kittens again.

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