April 26, 2010

Wow, time flies...

So I just realized it's been more than 6 months since my last post. Not very diligent of me is it? But a lot of things have happened since then, and for lack of time, I will list them, and expound upon them later.
New Couch failure-a must read and a RANT about Rooms to Go. Don't buy from them ever. Seriously. Horrible. Have you ever had some threaten you when they deliver your furniture because of a mistake their company made? And no, I'm not kidding.
Trip to New Hampshire-if they didn't get so much cold weather and snow, I would move. Loved the Ghoullog!
Thanksgiving-the whole family together!
Christmas-the family together again!
New job (that could be a whole new blog unto itself)
K moved back!!-Yay!
Music events-RadFest, Red Collar, AP coming down from the mountain
House events-cookouts and concerts and gamenights, oh my!
New art and pottery classes-encaustic rocks. WHat can I say.

Don't you want to know what these things mean? Hope so, cause I sure want to write about them!

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