September 19, 2009

Update for September

There's been a lot going on this month. I haven't updated as much as I would like, partly because I forget to blog and partly because I am never really sure what it is I want to post online.
But we did some stuff this month, and I'm excited about it, so here goes.

The best: Ceiling fans!!! I know, some people might think "What's the big deal about a ceiling fan?" but the answer would be 1) makes our upstairs cooler and 2) means we now have lights upstairs, and that makes me very happy.
We also decided on a new couch and another bed for the office area, which will become our second guestroom. They are from Ikea, but are not featured online, which bums me out or I would put a picture online for you all to see!!

The bed is a trundle type bed, so we can have it like a couch when we don't have guest, but it will fold out like a futon to be a full bed. This will go upstairs most likely, in what I hope to make a yoga space.
I also will be looking for the perfect place to be hanging my pictures, since we have nothing on the walls.
I am going to be painting the upstairs bath and office sooner rather than later, and that's exciting, because I will be picking out colors! and maybe the downstairs bath too.
R and I have been really busy with friends/meeting our neighbors (see a previous post) but that's been good. We bought a full 12 piece place setting (thank you HomeGoods) and now I'm even *more* excited about having people over. We have had 3 dinner get-togethers this month, and am having more in October, and then...Thanksgiving in November!! I am very excited about that. I hope to make the house presentable and fully functional (read: room for all the guests and clean) by then.
Next weekend is K's wedding, and I am super excited about it. And then suddenly it's October! Whew!

September 12, 2009

What I love about my house...

is the fact that we have a fence in the back yard. It's great to be able to let the doggie out, but even better to meet our neighbors and say, hey, would you like to come over, bring your dog, have some drinks/snacks/dinner, and let the doggies wear themselves out? (that last part might be implied.)

We had two sets of neighbors over yesterday evening, and it was great! The doggies ran and ran and ran, and the adults talked and had the snacks R had fixed.

Other things I love, in no particular order:
The ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms.
the fireplace (which I cannot wait to use)
the reclining part of the bathtub (perfect for reading a book while in the tub).

Things I am looking forward to doing...
Painting the upstairs office and making it an office/zen-yoga studio
painting the upstairs bath
getting screens on the windows...(that's right folks, there are no screens. No frames for them either. Nothing to allow us to open the windows and enjoy this lovely September weather.)