August 19, 2009

Two Chicks and some wine...

I have cooked dinner twice this week, and made essentially the same thing, which didn't occur to me when I was cooking it. I made Rachel Ray's Pretzal Crusted Chicken with a Cheesy mustard sauce, corn, and cheesy broccoli Sunday night. this is one of my go to recepies for a good tasting and looking meal. It tastes like it might have take a while to make, but as with everything Rachel Ray does, it was cooked in under 30 minutes.
Monday night I made Lemon Garlic pan fried chicken with corn and a salad. (i came across this recipie, and adapted it to what I had in terms of time and ingredients). I couldn't detect any lemon though, and if I try it again, I might up the ante on the lemon somehow. Maybe marinade the chicken first...?
Both were good, and I enjoyed being in the kitchen cooking again. I still havne't tried anything from my Hungry Girl cook-book.

Monday nights dinner was on my own, cause R worked till 9. It was nice being in the house, just "putzing" around. I watched some TV and did some laundry, and enjoyed a glass of

3 Blind Moose Reisling wine. I liked it because it was not too sweet, as some reislings tend to be, and had a nice finish. I'm no wine expert, but for under $10, I would buy it again.

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