August 02, 2009

Domestic Day-Random musings!

So between reading Hungary Girl 200 under 200, and Julie and Julia, I am feeling very inspired to start cooking and blogging and being domestic and witty. I'm going to try to cook a little bit more (partly to save money, and partly to be more aware of what we eat) and to blog a little more, in hopes that in blogging I'll also be centering myself. 

They say if you want to really have a goal, to really make something happen, you need to announce it.  So this is me announcing it. Blog more, cook more, walk more, eat less (junk food) and try to center a little bit. I'm not doing so well at the whole being centered since the move. I just feel overwhelmed most of the time...between the dog, the cats, the new house and the cleaning/getting our schedules together, R getting more long hours at work, I just feel constantly on edge. I would like to not feel constantly on edge.

So this week we're having baked spaghetti (not a HG recipe, a leftover recipe), pretzel chicken with a mustard cheese sauce (Thank you Rachel Ray 365) and most likely these Philly cheese steak quesadillas, from Hungary Girl. Either that or mango BBQ chicken.

Stay tuned...

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Anora Priddle XOXO said...

Don't worry! Soon you'll get used to everything and the feeling of being overwhelmed will just melt away <3