August 21, 2009

Blogging...and updates!

So I'm having a hard time blogging, it's like nothing I think of will be of any interest to anyone else. Does anyone else have that same thought? Or am I missing the point of blogging; that its supposed to be just for me, and if anyone else wants to read it, well, good for them. I have always assumed that people write blogs because they want/know that someone else is

On other notes, I am very much looking forward to my pottery classes this fall. It was good to take a break this summer, mostly because I don't think I would have really had the time to dedicate to them if I hadn't, but also it makes me really itching to get back to the studio. I am taking a drinking vessles class, and a World Pottery Class. I take these at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro. My instructor will be Ronan Peterson of Nine Toes Pottery.

I am also gearing up for the fall sessions of Pilates at the Carrboro Yoga Company. I hope to get back into a biweekly yoga/pilates groove this fall, and not let it drop off just because I hate going out in the winter! I think though, that this winter will be much better, because out house is always hot upstairs, so it should be good! I will be warm and snuggly!

August 19, 2009

Two Chicks and some wine...

I have cooked dinner twice this week, and made essentially the same thing, which didn't occur to me when I was cooking it. I made Rachel Ray's Pretzal Crusted Chicken with a Cheesy mustard sauce, corn, and cheesy broccoli Sunday night. this is one of my go to recepies for a good tasting and looking meal. It tastes like it might have take a while to make, but as with everything Rachel Ray does, it was cooked in under 30 minutes.
Monday night I made Lemon Garlic pan fried chicken with corn and a salad. (i came across this recipie, and adapted it to what I had in terms of time and ingredients). I couldn't detect any lemon though, and if I try it again, I might up the ante on the lemon somehow. Maybe marinade the chicken first...?
Both were good, and I enjoyed being in the kitchen cooking again. I still havne't tried anything from my Hungry Girl cook-book.

Monday nights dinner was on my own, cause R worked till 9. It was nice being in the house, just "putzing" around. I watched some TV and did some laundry, and enjoyed a glass of

3 Blind Moose Reisling wine. I liked it because it was not too sweet, as some reislings tend to be, and had a nice finish. I'm no wine expert, but for under $10, I would buy it again.

August 04, 2009

Tuesday Night Date Night

I'm really looking forward to our date night tonight. This week has not started off as well as I would hope; between the cats and dogs learning to not eat each other (that applies mainly to Dexter Dog not eating the cats) and work being hectic at the start of a month, and me being exhausted, I feel worn out. But tonight we;re going on a date, to see a movie, have dinner, and just be US out of the house for a little bit. Dont' get me wrong, I love our house. I am going to love finally getting everything unpacked and settled in and ready. But for now, I love getting to go out of it with my boy and spend some time just us.

As for the rest of my resolutions, I did cook dinner last night, baked spaghetti, no salad, no bread, no nothing, and had a glass of Real Sangria (no, seriously, that's its name). I have found it at Harris Teeter and Trader Joe's ( to see a picture. It's yummy, just like what most of the sangria I drank in Spain tasted like.

Tonight we're having left overs, and tomorrow night, Wingstop! Seriously, best wings ever. I heart their lemon pepper wings. LOVE them. Thursday R works, so I might make myself the cheesy broccoli soup from HG 200 under 200 book I bought Saturday.

I'll let you know how it turns out, if I do end up making it. I like the idea in theory, but let's face it, sometimes when you're done with work, it's way easier to just crash on the couch with a bagel and some cream cheese rather than cook for yourself. So we'll see.

August 02, 2009

Domestic Day-Random musings!

So between reading Hungary Girl 200 under 200, and Julie and Julia, I am feeling very inspired to start cooking and blogging and being domestic and witty. I'm going to try to cook a little bit more (partly to save money, and partly to be more aware of what we eat) and to blog a little more, in hopes that in blogging I'll also be centering myself. 

They say if you want to really have a goal, to really make something happen, you need to announce it.  So this is me announcing it. Blog more, cook more, walk more, eat less (junk food) and try to center a little bit. I'm not doing so well at the whole being centered since the move. I just feel overwhelmed most of the time...between the dog, the cats, the new house and the cleaning/getting our schedules together, R getting more long hours at work, I just feel constantly on edge. I would like to not feel constantly on edge.

So this week we're having baked spaghetti (not a HG recipe, a leftover recipe), pretzel chicken with a mustard cheese sauce (Thank you Rachel Ray 365) and most likely these Philly cheese steak quesadillas, from Hungary Girl. Either that or mango BBQ chicken.

Stay tuned...