July 01, 2009

Short work week

So I've had an odd week, because I've been off every afternoon but had to go to work in the a.m.,  and not gotten a ton of work done, but gotten some done.  

Its also been a big transition in the household, since we've added a new member to our family. We have a doggy. I won't call him a puppy, because we estimate him to be about 7 months old, but he's still got some learning to do.  He seems very smart, and seems to get the rules/training quickly. However, I can see there is still a bit of "tracker" in him.  The cats don't seem to mind him, but I'm really worried he'll decide to play a little rougher one time with them, and that culd be very bad.  He hasn't seemed to really want to do that, though he is very intregued with them, Max especially, since Max doesn't seemed fazed by him at all.

R would tell me I'm just worrying, and that's probably true but I can't just not worry about it.  I think it will just take some adjusting on my part, and believing that I am doing the right thing for everyone involved.

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