July 30, 2009

Finally settling down!!

So I'm writing this blog at work (which should immediatly tell you we're very slow at this moment)...

I finally feel like things are starting to settle down, to calm down, and that I am getting into a rhythm with having a dog, living with R and just getting my feet under me in terms of work etc. It's so nice to just go home, not to worry about which house to go to, not worry about not seeing R because I want to be home and he wants to be at his home, to just feel like this is just home.

I'm also getting much less worried about the doggie, which is good, and am soo excited to get Max and Zoe back this weekend (they've had an extended stay at mom's house).

Plus it's nice to have a place for our friends to come and hang out. We had spaghetti night on Friday, and Taco Night last night, and they were both successful!

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