May 10, 2009

House update

So the last time I blogged, R and I had discusssed finding our number one house and putting an offer on it. So very long story short, we decided on our number one house, and put an offer on it.  They counter, and the catch is they want to close on May 14th. Yes, as in this Friday.  So after lots of discussion, we counter that they would have to covor our rent since we would be closing soo soon. The other catch is there's suddenly another buyer. Needless to say in a competing buyer situation there's no negotiation, so we let that house go.  

We regrouped and looked at more houses, and one of our original houses came down on the price, we decided it was worth it and made an offer.

And they accepted!

Now this all just happened yesterday, (the actual offer part) so we still have a lot to do but I'm very excited!!

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