May 22, 2009

Friday Thank goodness!!

I am soo glad it's Friday. It's been a long, and crappy week. But tonigth I get to go on a double date, get to have some fun, and get to start planning the fun part of the whole home ownership experience!

Yesterday I got my House Book started, and am VERY excited by it. Since I love to be organized, and love to keep things in their place, I have finally realized that filing isn't for me. I can't do it, and things just pile up, until I go through it one night, and accidentally throw something away that is rather importatnt. (reciept, bill, something)

Upon this realization came another realization: I love 3 ring binders. I like tabs and pockets and color coding things...Hey! I should forgo the filing bit and just keep 3 ring binders on hand.

So I went to staples and bought my House Book. It's a binder that has tabs for everything house related: cotnracts, hoa stuff, leases, home owners insurance, floorplans, deocrating ideas color swatches, landscaping ideas, loan info...basically everytihng I could ever need in one place.

Then I made to scale drawings of each room, and all my furniture, so I can place the furniture and know exactly what will be the best layout before we move. R must think I'm crazy, but it's fun. It makes it easier for me to visualize when everhting is the way it should be, so I can see if the furniture I want iwll fit in the room, the way I want, the size and color/texture stuff...basically it lets me lay it all out without having to heft furniture around.

I'm going to try to implement the 3 ring binder approach for bills, taxes, FSA, etc too...and then everything will always be neat and organized.

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