May 19, 2009

Dinner plan

So I've been working really hard at trying to do more cooking, or at least more eating at home, so I'm keeping a list of what I've prepared at home, and what meals are good (or not!)
So Sunday night I went to The Fresh Market and got their small maple brown ham ($8.99 a pound, or around $14 for the whole petit ham). That was our entree, and along with it we had sweet white corn, mac and cheese, and a cherry brandy sauce for the ham. We had plain vanilla ice cream for dessert. It was yummy, and I'm glad we had enoght left over for dinner later this week.
Last week I got their chicken rolls (which are actually much more delicious than it sounds) which is chicken breast rolled with something inside; the ones I choose were stuffed with mushrooms and swiss cheese. Super easy to cook, wrap in it foil and cook in 20 mins, at 350 degrees, then unwrap and cook for another 15-18 mins. Along with that we had white corn, and sugar snap peas.

Both meals were really yummy, and we had leftovers, which means...spending less money on eating out!

And it kinda makes eating out more special. Also, it's nice to know that when we move in together, I can fix dinner a few nights a week, and R and I can eat well for the whole week!

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