April 25, 2009

I just have to get this out

So R and I have considered, talked about, considered some more, argued about, and generally started the process of house hunting. It's been a very educational experience, and fun. We started by looking at like, 21 houses, and narrowed it down, and narrowed it down, and finally had our top 3. Now's the time to pick out number 1... I think we have picked a great house, but it's all very exciting for me, yet at the same time, I am very nervous. I'm nervous that:

we will offer too little and won't get it
someone else will put an offer on it
R doens't really want this house (this one is all in my imagination, I know, bt still)
that something will go wrong

Thats the biggie, I am nervous, worried, and scared that something will go wrong. what, you could ask, would go wrong? We've already been pre-approved, we know we can handle the GFE mortgages, we're aware of the hosues condition (and of COURSE) will have it inspected and all the proper things done, but still.

I'm excited because:
I will get to live with R.
I can decorate (and I LOVE that idea)
He'll have a band practice space and a "man room" and I am so looking forward to setting that up with him,
I love this house. It's soooooo cute, and charming
we might get a dog after a while
living with R (oh, I said that already. Still v. excited about it)

so the exciting things outway the scary things, but I'm too much of a worrier to just not worry.

Of course, there are all of the other good things about buying ahome, all that "good investment" and "better tax cuts" stuff, but right now I'm just dwelling in the superficial!

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