March 18, 2009

Germany ROCKS

So in true form, I have forgotten about blogging about my trip to Germany, mostly since my body is still unsure of what time it is and I've been at work since I got back. But let me just say, Germany was awesome.

We left here at like, 7:30 on Sunday and drove to CLT. Long drive, complete with the requisite argument R and I always have on long car trips. I don't know why we do, but we always have a fight. Couple that with a looooong traffic jam, and we got to CLT later than expected. Whatever, we just had to go to bed, so it wasn't that bad. Got to where we were staying and about an hour later I was passed out! Soo sleepy.

Woke up the next am, and went to the airport. Got thru security no problem and settled in to wait. After a very quick fligth to ATL we waited longer and finally got on the plane to Munich. I had taken a Dramamine, so I was able to sleep practically the whole way. R, not so much. Landed in Munich, got our bags, found the train and 45 minutes later found ourselves at the Hauptbahnhof station, looking for where the hotel was. Found it easily, and I was thrilled that it was sucha good location. YAY DK Top 10 Munich! Great book, and very good recommendations. On a side note, I think those books are great if you don't have a lot of time to explore the city, and still want to make sure you can see all the cool stuff.

We were staying at Hotel Eder, which was a moderatly priced hotel with breakfast included. Good hotel, yummy breakfast, no elevator. that was the only downside. We were able to leave our bags there and go out to the city for a while before we could actually get into our rooms. We headed down to the Karlsplatz gate and Marienplatz to see what we could see.

March 05, 2009


So my mom and I (though mostly mom) has had this cat for many years, 13 to be exact. She is a small white cat with black spots on her, and to be honest, isn't the most friendly of the feline variety. She is sweet, to my mom, and tolerates the rest of us. Barely tolerates the men in the family in fact. But she was ours. My first cat. Though now I have my own two sweet kitties, Maxx and Zoe, Corduroy was always my first cat.

But lately she has been, well, not well. She hasn't been eating much, she hasn't been roaming around the house, and mom has noticed she doesn't walk as well as she used too, even last year, even in the last few months. So Monday morning mom bit the bullet and took Cord to the vet. The prognosis wasn't good. They found a large lump in her abdomen, and while initial tests are inconclusive that it's not diabities, a thyroid disease, or anything like that, even if it's not cancer, it's not good. It's very large, and for such a small kitty she is most likely in pain. Even if we do more tests, or find a treatment, she will still have it, and there is no miracle cure. We've talked about it, and both come to the conclusion that it is time to let her go.

It is very sad for me, on so many levels, and I really just feel like I need to get it out, to let it go and be sad about it. Yes, I have my own cats, and I love them dearly, but this is just another reminder of how fragile, and how quickly life can change on you. And like I said, she is my first cat.

I saw her last night, and she is very skinny, and didn't really move much from her place on the couch. and I knew then that the kindest thing we can do for her is to let her go so she is no longer is any pain or discomfort. She lived a good life, and was a good kitty, and I will always remember her and love her. But I really feel that this is the best thing, even though it is the hard thing to do. I cannot be with her when we do put her to sleep, so this is my goodbye to Cord-kitty.

March 04, 2009

Counting down!

I leave for Germany in like, 5 days!! (counting today) I am soo excited. that's where we'll be. Well, not staying, but where we'll be going while we're over there! i am soo excited, but I think I said that already.

We have a pretty packed trip, but at the same time, lots of down time, so it should be fun.

Also, I have joined Twitter, and am using that. If you're on it, follow me and I'll follow you!