February 27, 2009

Next up!

I'm going to GERMANY!!! whoo hoo! R and I are leaving on March 9th for a week in Germany and Switzerland. Since I love to plan, I've already picked out the things I really really want to see. Not quite as in depth as the fateful London Dublin trip, but close. Poor R, he asked if I had budgeted any time to just walk around! I said of course! that's half the fun. But in our walking, I will have ideas of things I want to see. Here's our abbreviated schedule.

March 9th- Leave CTL and go to MUNICH
March 10th- Arrive in Munchen get settled at the hotel, BE in Germany, drinking beer and eating Bratwurst and such.
March 11th- More being in Germany, and hopefully seeing the English Garden, the glockenspiel, more beer, maybe some strudel...?
March 12th- Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen, maybe the other castle that I cannot spell, and am too lazy to look up online.
March 12th NIGHT train to Basal, then train to Interlaken Switzerland
March 13- Be in Switzerland, eating chocolate and opening bank accounts
March 14th- Still in Switzerland, this time buying watches
March 15th- Back to Germany, Munchen, and the same hotel as before
March 16th- Leave at the butt crack of dawn and fly back home.

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