September 19, 2009

Update for September

There's been a lot going on this month. I haven't updated as much as I would like, partly because I forget to blog and partly because I am never really sure what it is I want to post online.
But we did some stuff this month, and I'm excited about it, so here goes.

The best: Ceiling fans!!! I know, some people might think "What's the big deal about a ceiling fan?" but the answer would be 1) makes our upstairs cooler and 2) means we now have lights upstairs, and that makes me very happy.
We also decided on a new couch and another bed for the office area, which will become our second guestroom. They are from Ikea, but are not featured online, which bums me out or I would put a picture online for you all to see!!

The bed is a trundle type bed, so we can have it like a couch when we don't have guest, but it will fold out like a futon to be a full bed. This will go upstairs most likely, in what I hope to make a yoga space.
I also will be looking for the perfect place to be hanging my pictures, since we have nothing on the walls.
I am going to be painting the upstairs bath and office sooner rather than later, and that's exciting, because I will be picking out colors! and maybe the downstairs bath too.
R and I have been really busy with friends/meeting our neighbors (see a previous post) but that's been good. We bought a full 12 piece place setting (thank you HomeGoods) and now I'm even *more* excited about having people over. We have had 3 dinner get-togethers this month, and am having more in October, and then...Thanksgiving in November!! I am very excited about that. I hope to make the house presentable and fully functional (read: room for all the guests and clean) by then.
Next weekend is K's wedding, and I am super excited about it. And then suddenly it's October! Whew!

September 12, 2009

What I love about my house...

is the fact that we have a fence in the back yard. It's great to be able to let the doggie out, but even better to meet our neighbors and say, hey, would you like to come over, bring your dog, have some drinks/snacks/dinner, and let the doggies wear themselves out? (that last part might be implied.)

We had two sets of neighbors over yesterday evening, and it was great! The doggies ran and ran and ran, and the adults talked and had the snacks R had fixed.

Other things I love, in no particular order:
The ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms.
the fireplace (which I cannot wait to use)
the reclining part of the bathtub (perfect for reading a book while in the tub).

Things I am looking forward to doing...
Painting the upstairs office and making it an office/zen-yoga studio
painting the upstairs bath
getting screens on the windows...(that's right folks, there are no screens. No frames for them either. Nothing to allow us to open the windows and enjoy this lovely September weather.)

August 21, 2009

Blogging...and updates!

So I'm having a hard time blogging, it's like nothing I think of will be of any interest to anyone else. Does anyone else have that same thought? Or am I missing the point of blogging; that its supposed to be just for me, and if anyone else wants to read it, well, good for them. I have always assumed that people write blogs because they want/know that someone else is

On other notes, I am very much looking forward to my pottery classes this fall. It was good to take a break this summer, mostly because I don't think I would have really had the time to dedicate to them if I hadn't, but also it makes me really itching to get back to the studio. I am taking a drinking vessles class, and a World Pottery Class. I take these at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro. My instructor will be Ronan Peterson of Nine Toes Pottery.

I am also gearing up for the fall sessions of Pilates at the Carrboro Yoga Company. I hope to get back into a biweekly yoga/pilates groove this fall, and not let it drop off just because I hate going out in the winter! I think though, that this winter will be much better, because out house is always hot upstairs, so it should be good! I will be warm and snuggly!

August 19, 2009

Two Chicks and some wine...

I have cooked dinner twice this week, and made essentially the same thing, which didn't occur to me when I was cooking it. I made Rachel Ray's Pretzal Crusted Chicken with a Cheesy mustard sauce, corn, and cheesy broccoli Sunday night. this is one of my go to recepies for a good tasting and looking meal. It tastes like it might have take a while to make, but as with everything Rachel Ray does, it was cooked in under 30 minutes.
Monday night I made Lemon Garlic pan fried chicken with corn and a salad. (i came across this recipie, and adapted it to what I had in terms of time and ingredients). I couldn't detect any lemon though, and if I try it again, I might up the ante on the lemon somehow. Maybe marinade the chicken first...?
Both were good, and I enjoyed being in the kitchen cooking again. I still havne't tried anything from my Hungry Girl cook-book.

Monday nights dinner was on my own, cause R worked till 9. It was nice being in the house, just "putzing" around. I watched some TV and did some laundry, and enjoyed a glass of

3 Blind Moose Reisling wine. I liked it because it was not too sweet, as some reislings tend to be, and had a nice finish. I'm no wine expert, but for under $10, I would buy it again.

August 04, 2009

Tuesday Night Date Night

I'm really looking forward to our date night tonight. This week has not started off as well as I would hope; between the cats and dogs learning to not eat each other (that applies mainly to Dexter Dog not eating the cats) and work being hectic at the start of a month, and me being exhausted, I feel worn out. But tonight we;re going on a date, to see a movie, have dinner, and just be US out of the house for a little bit. Dont' get me wrong, I love our house. I am going to love finally getting everything unpacked and settled in and ready. But for now, I love getting to go out of it with my boy and spend some time just us.

As for the rest of my resolutions, I did cook dinner last night, baked spaghetti, no salad, no bread, no nothing, and had a glass of Real Sangria (no, seriously, that's its name). I have found it at Harris Teeter and Trader Joe's ( to see a picture. It's yummy, just like what most of the sangria I drank in Spain tasted like.

Tonight we're having left overs, and tomorrow night, Wingstop! Seriously, best wings ever. I heart their lemon pepper wings. LOVE them. Thursday R works, so I might make myself the cheesy broccoli soup from HG 200 under 200 book I bought Saturday.

I'll let you know how it turns out, if I do end up making it. I like the idea in theory, but let's face it, sometimes when you're done with work, it's way easier to just crash on the couch with a bagel and some cream cheese rather than cook for yourself. So we'll see.

August 02, 2009

Domestic Day-Random musings!

So between reading Hungary Girl 200 under 200, and Julie and Julia, I am feeling very inspired to start cooking and blogging and being domestic and witty. I'm going to try to cook a little bit more (partly to save money, and partly to be more aware of what we eat) and to blog a little more, in hopes that in blogging I'll also be centering myself. 

They say if you want to really have a goal, to really make something happen, you need to announce it.  So this is me announcing it. Blog more, cook more, walk more, eat less (junk food) and try to center a little bit. I'm not doing so well at the whole being centered since the move. I just feel overwhelmed most of the time...between the dog, the cats, the new house and the cleaning/getting our schedules together, R getting more long hours at work, I just feel constantly on edge. I would like to not feel constantly on edge.

So this week we're having baked spaghetti (not a HG recipe, a leftover recipe), pretzel chicken with a mustard cheese sauce (Thank you Rachel Ray 365) and most likely these Philly cheese steak quesadillas, from Hungary Girl. Either that or mango BBQ chicken.

Stay tuned...

July 30, 2009

Finally settling down!!

So I'm writing this blog at work (which should immediatly tell you we're very slow at this moment)...

I finally feel like things are starting to settle down, to calm down, and that I am getting into a rhythm with having a dog, living with R and just getting my feet under me in terms of work etc. It's so nice to just go home, not to worry about which house to go to, not worry about not seeing R because I want to be home and he wants to be at his home, to just feel like this is just home.

I'm also getting much less worried about the doggie, which is good, and am soo excited to get Max and Zoe back this weekend (they've had an extended stay at mom's house).

Plus it's nice to have a place for our friends to come and hang out. We had spaghetti night on Friday, and Taco Night last night, and they were both successful!

July 01, 2009

Short work week

So I've had an odd week, because I've been off every afternoon but had to go to work in the a.m.,  and not gotten a ton of work done, but gotten some done.  

Its also been a big transition in the household, since we've added a new member to our family. We have a doggy. I won't call him a puppy, because we estimate him to be about 7 months old, but he's still got some learning to do.  He seems very smart, and seems to get the rules/training quickly. However, I can see there is still a bit of "tracker" in him.  The cats don't seem to mind him, but I'm really worried he'll decide to play a little rougher one time with them, and that culd be very bad.  He hasn't seemed to really want to do that, though he is very intregued with them, Max especially, since Max doesn't seemed fazed by him at all.

R would tell me I'm just worrying, and that's probably true but I can't just not worry about it.  I think it will just take some adjusting on my part, and believing that I am doing the right thing for everyone involved.

June 30, 2009


We got a puppy. His name is Dexter. He is a rescue puppy, thrown over a bridge, but seems no worse for the wear. He is apparently 7 months old, and a very good puppy.  He's had his shots now, and once we get settled in the house, he will also be fixed.

He's a German Shepard puppy mix, mostly Shepard the vet says, but might have some lab in him.  Which means we have a super smart, highly energetic puppy in my tiny apartment, which is mostly packed up, and my two kitties.  Dexter mostly sees the kinda play things, or food. I hope he can be trained to not think of them as that.

June 07, 2009


I just found the best recipie for biscuits. And by just, I mean, got from some friends of my grandfather and googled it to see what exactly it was!

But this was super easy. And I'm not even a baker!

1 cup of whipping cream
1 cup of self-rising flour.
Knead for 30 seconds to a minute
Turn out on a floured surface, roll to 1/2 an inch thick, and cut the biscuits out.

Bake at 450 for 12-15 minutes.

See? Super easy. (and yummy!)

I paired this with baked barbeque chicken, green beans, and corn. 

May 26, 2009

Dinner and PIE!!

So on Sunday morning R and I went strawberry picking. We had discussed it earlier, but I really wanted to go, so we found a place that was open on Sunday. We drove out there (Vaughnns Farm in Fuquay Varina) and picked almost 10 pounds of strawberries! Now, that's a lot of strawberries. My car still smells like them!

On our way back, we stopped at a Biscuitville and this was the first time I'd ever eaten at one. It was YUMMY! I love breakfast, and this was especially nice after having spent 45 minutes picking strawberries.  So after work, I found recipies for a strawberry pie. We had enough berries to make 2 pies so I made one regular, and one with a chocolate sauce on the botton of the pie.  The recipie is one that is super easy and yet super yummy.

Yesterday I bought a lot of food to grill for the week. I got chicken, turkey sausage, and veggies. And rice, but you can't grill that...

I grilled everything, and have had it for lunch and dinner today, and if I do say so myself, I can work a mean grill! Now for some pie for dessert... :)

May 22, 2009

Wisp Review

So about a month ago I was in CVS and saw this product called wisp. It's by Colgate and it's four individually packaged mini toothbrushes. They are pre-filled with a little toothpaste (spearmint, cinnamint or peppermint) and have handy toothpick things on the other end. Basically it's so you can brush/freshen up at any time, without the hassle of carrying around a full sized toothbrush.

I used it just a moment ago, when I had finished my coffee, and needed to freshen up. I opened the product, and was pleasantly surprised to find that each brush is individually sealed in aluminum foil for protection. Opened the foil pouch, and pulled out the brush. Wet it, and started brushing. From there I was a little disappointed. The bristles were more like hard plastic, not the soft bristles I have on my toothbrush at home. they didn't exactly feel like they were wisping on my teeth; more like they were scrubbing away.

The handle was short, so to reach the back teeth, I had to either barely hold on to the handle, or almost put my hand in my mouth, and the "burst" of toothpaste didn't exactly invigorate my mouth. I might have liked 2 "bursts" on my brush. But when I was done, my mouth didn't have a coffee smell, my teeth felt clean, and I must admit, it was handy.

Would I use it again? Yes, in a pinch.
Would I recommend it to others? Yes, with reservations.

Out of 5 stars, I'd give it a 2.5.
Handy? Yes.
Convenient? Yes.
Better than keeping a brush and toothpaste on hand at work? Not really.
Better than keeping a brush and toothpaste in your bag? Yes.
Worth the price? If it were about $2 I'd say yes, but I seem to remember it being more like $3.99. so No.
Did it live up to my expectations? Sort of...

Friday Thank goodness!!

I am soo glad it's Friday. It's been a long, and crappy week. But tonigth I get to go on a double date, get to have some fun, and get to start planning the fun part of the whole home ownership experience!

Yesterday I got my House Book started, and am VERY excited by it. Since I love to be organized, and love to keep things in their place, I have finally realized that filing isn't for me. I can't do it, and things just pile up, until I go through it one night, and accidentally throw something away that is rather importatnt. (reciept, bill, something)

Upon this realization came another realization: I love 3 ring binders. I like tabs and pockets and color coding things...Hey! I should forgo the filing bit and just keep 3 ring binders on hand.

So I went to staples and bought my House Book. It's a binder that has tabs for everything house related: cotnracts, hoa stuff, leases, home owners insurance, floorplans, deocrating ideas color swatches, landscaping ideas, loan info...basically everytihng I could ever need in one place.

Then I made to scale drawings of each room, and all my furniture, so I can place the furniture and know exactly what will be the best layout before we move. R must think I'm crazy, but it's fun. It makes it easier for me to visualize when everhting is the way it should be, so I can see if the furniture I want iwll fit in the room, the way I want, the size and color/texture stuff...basically it lets me lay it all out without having to heft furniture around.

I'm going to try to implement the 3 ring binder approach for bills, taxes, FSA, etc too...and then everything will always be neat and organized.

May 19, 2009

Dinner plan

So I've been working really hard at trying to do more cooking, or at least more eating at home, so I'm keeping a list of what I've prepared at home, and what meals are good (or not!)
So Sunday night I went to The Fresh Market and got their small maple brown ham ($8.99 a pound, or around $14 for the whole petit ham). That was our entree, and along with it we had sweet white corn, mac and cheese, and a cherry brandy sauce for the ham. We had plain vanilla ice cream for dessert. It was yummy, and I'm glad we had enoght left over for dinner later this week.
Last week I got their chicken rolls (which are actually much more delicious than it sounds) which is chicken breast rolled with something inside; the ones I choose were stuffed with mushrooms and swiss cheese. Super easy to cook, wrap in it foil and cook in 20 mins, at 350 degrees, then unwrap and cook for another 15-18 mins. Along with that we had white corn, and sugar snap peas.

Both meals were really yummy, and we had leftovers, which means...spending less money on eating out!

And it kinda makes eating out more special. Also, it's nice to know that when we move in together, I can fix dinner a few nights a week, and R and I can eat well for the whole week!

May 10, 2009

House update

So the last time I blogged, R and I had discusssed finding our number one house and putting an offer on it. So very long story short, we decided on our number one house, and put an offer on it.  They counter, and the catch is they want to close on May 14th. Yes, as in this Friday.  So after lots of discussion, we counter that they would have to covor our rent since we would be closing soo soon. The other catch is there's suddenly another buyer. Needless to say in a competing buyer situation there's no negotiation, so we let that house go.  

We regrouped and looked at more houses, and one of our original houses came down on the price, we decided it was worth it and made an offer.

And they accepted!

Now this all just happened yesterday, (the actual offer part) so we still have a lot to do but I'm very excited!!

April 25, 2009

I just have to get this out

So R and I have considered, talked about, considered some more, argued about, and generally started the process of house hunting. It's been a very educational experience, and fun. We started by looking at like, 21 houses, and narrowed it down, and narrowed it down, and finally had our top 3. Now's the time to pick out number 1... I think we have picked a great house, but it's all very exciting for me, yet at the same time, I am very nervous. I'm nervous that:

we will offer too little and won't get it
someone else will put an offer on it
R doens't really want this house (this one is all in my imagination, I know, bt still)
that something will go wrong

Thats the biggie, I am nervous, worried, and scared that something will go wrong. what, you could ask, would go wrong? We've already been pre-approved, we know we can handle the GFE mortgages, we're aware of the hosues condition (and of COURSE) will have it inspected and all the proper things done, but still.

I'm excited because:
I will get to live with R.
I can decorate (and I LOVE that idea)
He'll have a band practice space and a "man room" and I am so looking forward to setting that up with him,
I love this house. It's soooooo cute, and charming
we might get a dog after a while
living with R (oh, I said that already. Still v. excited about it)

so the exciting things outway the scary things, but I'm too much of a worrier to just not worry.

Of course, there are all of the other good things about buying ahome, all that "good investment" and "better tax cuts" stuff, but right now I'm just dwelling in the superficial!

March 18, 2009

Germany ROCKS

So in true form, I have forgotten about blogging about my trip to Germany, mostly since my body is still unsure of what time it is and I've been at work since I got back. But let me just say, Germany was awesome.

We left here at like, 7:30 on Sunday and drove to CLT. Long drive, complete with the requisite argument R and I always have on long car trips. I don't know why we do, but we always have a fight. Couple that with a looooong traffic jam, and we got to CLT later than expected. Whatever, we just had to go to bed, so it wasn't that bad. Got to where we were staying and about an hour later I was passed out! Soo sleepy.

Woke up the next am, and went to the airport. Got thru security no problem and settled in to wait. After a very quick fligth to ATL we waited longer and finally got on the plane to Munich. I had taken a Dramamine, so I was able to sleep practically the whole way. R, not so much. Landed in Munich, got our bags, found the train and 45 minutes later found ourselves at the Hauptbahnhof station, looking for where the hotel was. Found it easily, and I was thrilled that it was sucha good location. YAY DK Top 10 Munich! Great book, and very good recommendations. On a side note, I think those books are great if you don't have a lot of time to explore the city, and still want to make sure you can see all the cool stuff.

We were staying at Hotel Eder, which was a moderatly priced hotel with breakfast included. Good hotel, yummy breakfast, no elevator. that was the only downside. We were able to leave our bags there and go out to the city for a while before we could actually get into our rooms. We headed down to the Karlsplatz gate and Marienplatz to see what we could see.

March 05, 2009


So my mom and I (though mostly mom) has had this cat for many years, 13 to be exact. She is a small white cat with black spots on her, and to be honest, isn't the most friendly of the feline variety. She is sweet, to my mom, and tolerates the rest of us. Barely tolerates the men in the family in fact. But she was ours. My first cat. Though now I have my own two sweet kitties, Maxx and Zoe, Corduroy was always my first cat.

But lately she has been, well, not well. She hasn't been eating much, she hasn't been roaming around the house, and mom has noticed she doesn't walk as well as she used too, even last year, even in the last few months. So Monday morning mom bit the bullet and took Cord to the vet. The prognosis wasn't good. They found a large lump in her abdomen, and while initial tests are inconclusive that it's not diabities, a thyroid disease, or anything like that, even if it's not cancer, it's not good. It's very large, and for such a small kitty she is most likely in pain. Even if we do more tests, or find a treatment, she will still have it, and there is no miracle cure. We've talked about it, and both come to the conclusion that it is time to let her go.

It is very sad for me, on so many levels, and I really just feel like I need to get it out, to let it go and be sad about it. Yes, I have my own cats, and I love them dearly, but this is just another reminder of how fragile, and how quickly life can change on you. And like I said, she is my first cat.

I saw her last night, and she is very skinny, and didn't really move much from her place on the couch. and I knew then that the kindest thing we can do for her is to let her go so she is no longer is any pain or discomfort. She lived a good life, and was a good kitty, and I will always remember her and love her. But I really feel that this is the best thing, even though it is the hard thing to do. I cannot be with her when we do put her to sleep, so this is my goodbye to Cord-kitty.

March 04, 2009

Counting down!

I leave for Germany in like, 5 days!! (counting today) I am soo excited. that's where we'll be. Well, not staying, but where we'll be going while we're over there! i am soo excited, but I think I said that already.

We have a pretty packed trip, but at the same time, lots of down time, so it should be fun.

Also, I have joined Twitter, and am using that. If you're on it, follow me and I'll follow you!

February 27, 2009

Next up!

I'm going to GERMANY!!! whoo hoo! R and I are leaving on March 9th for a week in Germany and Switzerland. Since I love to plan, I've already picked out the things I really really want to see. Not quite as in depth as the fateful London Dublin trip, but close. Poor R, he asked if I had budgeted any time to just walk around! I said of course! that's half the fun. But in our walking, I will have ideas of things I want to see. Here's our abbreviated schedule.

March 9th- Leave CTL and go to MUNICH
March 10th- Arrive in Munchen get settled at the hotel, BE in Germany, drinking beer and eating Bratwurst and such.
March 11th- More being in Germany, and hopefully seeing the English Garden, the glockenspiel, more beer, maybe some strudel...?
March 12th- Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen, maybe the other castle that I cannot spell, and am too lazy to look up online.
March 12th NIGHT train to Basal, then train to Interlaken Switzerland
March 13- Be in Switzerland, eating chocolate and opening bank accounts
March 14th- Still in Switzerland, this time buying watches
March 15th- Back to Germany, Munchen, and the same hotel as before
March 16th- Leave at the butt crack of dawn and fly back home.

January 15, 2009

16 Random things you might know, might now, and maybe never wanted to know about me! I saw this on Facebook, and completed it, and then thought, hey, I haven't updated my blog recently, maybe I should post this, see if anyone finds me at all interesting. Can I get over 15000 votes people? (click here to see what I'm talking about.)
1. I am afraid of the ocean, but love the beach. But hate sand. It's complicated, really.
2. I love to read more than just about anything else in the world. (sorry Ricky!)
3. I believe in vampires, ghosts, the supernatural, just about anytihng fantastical. I don't need proof either.
4. Lasik surgery was one of the best decisions I ever made.
5. If I had the chance to go back and "do it all over again" I would not change one thing.
6. Likewise, I can pinpoint certain times in my life that I feel were life changing moments. I know if I had done something differently then, I would not be here as I am now.
7. Doing laundry is my least favorite chore ever. EVER!!
8. I hate suspense movies. Bloody movies don't bother me, but suspense movies scare the living daylights out of me.
9. I have always wanted to play the violen.
10. I would have loved to audition for The Real World on mtv at any point in my life.
11. I've had 11 piercings in my life. Now I only have 6...I miss the others.
12. i love old architecture, churches, buildings, and history.
13. I wish I could back to school just to study for the *fun* of it. I would pay such better attention to all my science classes now!
14. I've laughed so hard I've cried~and recently!
15. i love fast food. Love it.
16.I think i should have been born in Europe, in the renaissance, or in the 1940's.