December 08, 2008

It would be helpful if I could read.

sometimes I just get so mad at myself. today's brunch was a perfect example of that. Mom and I and a group of ladies she works with were at A Southern Season's resturant, The Weathervane for brunch. Now, I love The Weathervane for lunch and dinner, but sometimes Brunch can be too fancy for me. Plus, all the yummy things for Brunch are so not good for you. But I realize brunch doesn't have to be breakfast, and can in fact be yummy even if it is fancy food, and more lunch in nature, so I was OK with this. We get there, and are in the Board Room (a private room for 10-12 people) and have a lovely time planned. We have lots of laughs, a good waitress, and a great time all around.

Until I get my food. I am still trying to be very careful of what I eat, so i thought, OK, I'll get something without a lot of cheese, or sauce, or anything really fattening (but the fattening part is what makes it oh so good). So I see on the menu, Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. I think, PERFECT! I love eggs Benedict, I am growing to like salmon, this will be filling, healthy (if I ask for the sauce on the side and egg whites rather than eggs). Great, I'll get that.

Except I hate smoked Salmon. and I read it as Smoked Salmon, but just pictured in my head Grilled salmon. Which would have been great. because it would have been warm and yummy. But smoked salmon is cold and texture. And not so yummy to me. And my egg whites were kinda undercooked, so they were very runny. And cold. So my great thought for breakfast was really not so great and I have no one to blame but myself.

Mom was right when she said I should have just ordered what I wanted. (Fried Green Tomatoes & Cheddar Cheese Eggs scrambled with country ham and topped with Choron sauce)

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