September 10, 2008

My first trip to Paris...warning very long posts ahead.

this is actually verbatem from my blog that I kept while I was living in Spain. it's exactly as i wrote it 3 years ago, complete with misspellings and everything. It's also just like me, random and funny!

There are lots of things to tell, so this blog is really part of a multi-update about what we did while we were there. This is Wednesday the 29th and Thursday the 30th . And this is awarning to everyone, especially you French speakers: I don´t speak French, I can´t write in French, I can´t spell in French. If anything is mispelled, deal with it.

Wednesday night. We had a brief scare in Málaga, when it said our plane was delayed an hour, but we only had an hour to change planes in Madrid. But it turned out to be a false alarm, and we had plently of time in Madrid!! Arrived in Paris at Orly airport, and it was soo cool, you could see the Eiffel tower all lit up as we landed. I was sooo excited-I think granddad was too, but he was tired I know. Traveling, while good, is a tiring activity. But we arrived, and made it to our hotel without any problems.

We checked in, had a nice room then went out to grab a little dinner, as we had not eaten much on the plane. We went to a resturant right up the street from our hotel named Porte Montmartre. It was open 24h and we sat inside. We each had a bowl of the de-lish-ous onion soup, and split a salad with hot chevre cheese(my favorite in the world!!) and walnuts, and to drink we each had a little carafe of wine, him, Bordeaux, me, something I can´t spell, it was like Beaujoulix or something. And I tell you, I have no idea why there are so many letters on words that no one confuses me......

After our wonderful meal we decided to walk a little bit and explore out neighborhood. we ended up walking to the Place d´Opera and seeing the Cafe de la Paix, which is where he and my grandmother ate almost 50 years ago. Then we made our way to our hotel, and slept.

Thursday. Started out early, and made our way to a cafe near the hotel to have breakfast. We had 2 cafe au lait, bread and butter and jus d´orange.Very good!! Then we hit the subway (metro) system and found our way to Notre Dame cathedral which is where we planned to start our day.

It was free to get it, so we went in and looked around, I lit a candle for my family (as I always do) and then looked around more. It is just undescibable. I love seeing churches like it, because it really makes me wonder about the awe people must have felt when there wasn´t this huge "is there a god question"- they accepted and the churches were so ornate and lovely that they had to believe, how could one not with the paintings and stained glass and everything? LOVED IT!!!

Then we left and walked thru the gardens to the left bank of the river, where we began walking toward the Eiffle Tower, hoping to find the hotel granddad stayed in years ago. On the way we stopped and looked at the wares the street vendors sold, and bought some postcards and other photos. We made out way almost to the Quai de Orsay when we both had to find a place to go to the bathroom, and were starting to get hungry. So we found this little resturant called Le Concorde, and had a salad with chiekn and potatoes and corn and cheese and carrots and cafe au lait to drink, and then the best creme brulee in the world.

We think we found the building that was the hotel, but now it appears to be an apartment building. I guess things change in 50 years.

Then we finished headed toward the Eiffle tower. When we got there, it was just amazing, so we decided to go on to the top and see it. The view is amazing. Granddad took lots of picutres and then we slowly made our way down again, and we went on a boat river cruise and had a nice little tour of the Sienne and the buildings on either side.

We then made our way to the Musee D´Orsay and looked at my favorite artiste: Monet, Degas, Renior, Manet and others I can´t remember. It was great!! We saw sculptures and paintings, and had a nice little snack in the cafe there, me a goffre with ice cream, gdad a bowl of fig and honey ice cream and gingerbread. YUM!!We went back to the hotel to freshen up and tried to find this resturant out guide book had suggested. Didn´t work,( long time to find it, not interested in the menu it had,) so we finally sat down in some other cafe and had another lovely meal. The soup, again, a salad and we split a club sandwich. And, of course, more wine. Yum yum yum!!! Then home and we slept, because we were very tired from our first full day.I love Paris, it is great!! I will update later the next days, but this is the first bit of adventure--everyone should go to Paris!

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