September 10, 2008

My first trip to Paris...part 2

Saturday, October 2nd. 2005

Ahh, Paris! This morning my granddad and I woke up late, and because we really had nothing we had to do, we took our time having breakfast! We went to Cafe de la Paix, where he and my grandmother ate 50 years ago, and we had croissants, hot chocolate and orange juice, although it was much more expensive than in Granddad´s day. But worth it

Then we headed to Sainte Chappell, the other little church on the same island as Notre Dame, and it was amazing. There are over 1000 stained glass window-stories depicting the bible. It is absolutley amazing.Everyone should go!

Then we went to the store, Samartiane, for the view, because it is a view of paris that you don´t have to pay for. We split a chicken sandwich and some cafe Richard, which turns out, I think is just a brand of coffee, because it was plain espresso, but yummy nevertheless. And we had fun looking at the department store, even though things there were wayyyyyyyy too expensive for me.

Then we headed to the other store, Galleries Lefaytte, and had better luck with the shopping, not to mention, saw part of a fashion show, and then we went and had another little snack (Granddad and I ate a lot on this trip, in case you couldn´t tell) and some great wine, and another great view, and lots of time just talking. Then headed home to rest.

THEN:::we went to our last dinner in Paris, and it was a great as I could have hoped for. We went to the resturante Chez Max and had a perfect meal. The menu was set for 23 euros, but it included appitizers, entree, wine, bread and dessert. And the food was excellent. I had chevre with toasted almonds and steak with pepper sauce and frenchfries and lime sherbert with vodka, and granddad had a vegatable soup, and beef with a burgandy gravy sauce and vanilla ice cream for dessert. YUM YUM YUM!!! And the wine was good.

Then we walked home and packed and went to bed to get up early and catch our plane to Barcelona. And then we headed to M├ílaga and then to Granada. It was a long day of traveling on SUNDAY, but it was one of the best trips I´ve ever had. Someone once told me to go to paris with my lover (as if I had one of those) but I think it was a better trip to go with my granddaddy!

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