September 10, 2008

Last Blog about paris

Friday October 1st. 2005

This morning we went to the Louvre ( Le Grande Louvre). It is absolutely amazing. I think it´s the biggest museum I have ever seen in my life. HUGE!! We took the subway there and to my great joy, the guide book was right and we entered thru the underground station, which meant no long lines to get in thru the piramide entrance. Granddad and I had doughnuts, moka´s and juice for breakfast, then we headed inside to see what we could see. We started in the Denon wing, and made our way thru hundreds of statues and paintings, until we were in the same wing as Venus de Milo. We looked at that, and then found our way to Winged Victory, and then to The Mona Lisa, and a lot of other paintings. It was amazing, but partly because everything was soooooo crowded.

After about 3 hours of culture, neither of us could take it anymore, so we left and headed to the Place De Concorde and the obilisk and the Eglise de Madeline. It was very cool. We also saw Maxim´s and while we looked at the menu, I cannot justify 20 euros for a sandwich. We then began our walk up Champs-Elysee, and had a wonderful little lunch in a place called Le Berkley, where I am sure we were the only americans within miles, but oh well. I don´t think the waitstaff was particulary pleased with our style, but oh well, we were not behaving like pigs. We had tomato-pumpkin soup and sesame chicken and it was very good, although this was the slowest meal I think I have ever had. Then we saw the Arc de Triumphe, and Place Charles De Gaul(?) which in Granddads first trip to Paris was Place de Etiole. My how things change! We had a good time though, looking at all the shops and stores and I wished I had more money so I could buy the things in those stores. Oh well, someday!

Then headed home and rested a little, then made our way back to the Eiffel Tower and took a night boat cruise on the Sienne. And saw the Eiffel Tower light up and sparkling!! We got on the boat without having to wait much at all, and it was a good tour, although by the end I was freezing cold. But it was worth it!

Then we went back to the resturante we had eaten at our first night, and had more of the very good soup and another salad. While we were sitting there, we saw a few rollerbladers in the street. We were sitting next to the window, and I was facing what would be considered up the street, so I would see the traffic coming. I was commenting to granddad that I didn´t understand why the french felt the need to be in the street all the time, when I looked up and saw a huge rush of people rollerblading. I swear there must have been at least 200 people in the street, and it took about 10 minutes for everyone to go past. It was funny. Then we finished up and headed home to sleep, because we had had a long day!

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