August 23, 2008

Seattle again!

We got off the boat ad about 9:30 am, and unpleasantly spent the next hour trying to find the shuttle that we had pre-paid for and pre-arranged to take us to the Double-Tree we were staying at. Grr is about all I can say to that, but we finally got to our hotel, and checked in.

Since I am fairly certain I will not be back in Seattle anytime soon, after we dropped our stuff off, mom and I decided to go to downtown and see Pike Place market, and have lunch before getting ready for the red eye home. (mom is flying out Sunday to spend a week in San Fran with D and T).
We did, and had a great time. We saw them throwing fish, walked around very impressed with all the flowers and fruit and fish and stuff! and I bought a bag to pack for the trip home so I wouldn't have to pay the ridiculous amount it costs if your bag is over weight. I knew mine would be after this trip, and could buy a second bag for 12 bucks.
We then went to a very nice restaurant at Pier 66 ( and watched the NCL ship load. we then took a walk back to Pike Place, grabbed a cab and headed back to the hotel, where I took a nap, had room service dinner and a shower, and packed my two bags. By 7:15 we were headed to the airport, and we were all checked in by 8:30. (by all I mean me, granddad, M, P and G.) We had dinner at an Airport pub, and got to our gate in plenty of time. while we were waiting to board, P saw a friend of his from school, and M got very excited by the British Cub scouts we saw.
We boarded the plane, I took 2 NyQuil and 2 Simply sleep and woke up in Charlotte!
Where we booked it from terminal A to terminal E only to wait an extra 30-40 minutes while they tried to get volunteers to give up their seats, since the flight was over booked. Finally we walked out on the runway, boarded our itty bitty plane, and 45 minutes later landed at RDU.
Home sweet home.

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