August 26, 2008

january 3 2004

I'm here. Though at this moment I'm not sure exactly what to do, I'm here. I am not nervous, though I am sure that will come  and my 2 fears so far did not happen, I got my suitcase and made it here all in one piece.  So really everything seems to be fine. 

But I am lost as to what to do. I don't really want to leave the hotel room and explore on my own, but I know I should.  Maybe I'll sleep some first and then explore when I am more sure I am not tired. I think it's kind of survival instinct now that is keeping me awake because I know I did not sleep very  much on the plane. Tomorrow the adventure really begins, and I think that will ease any fears i have that have yet to surface.

Madrid is like no city I've been to so far and if I make it out of the room I cannot imagine what I will find.
8 hours later

After sleeping longer than I really intended, I got up and took a walk around my surroundings.I found a nice amount of Tapas bars  (all crowded, which is good I suppose) and relatively close to my hotel.

I also found things that made me smile, like a Pizza Hut a few blocks away, not to mention  a Burger King and a McDonald's. I found a store that sells Pantene and Garnier and Listerine and Tampax, and it's silly how much I feel this to be a relief. I know they are just things, and trivial at that, but it was good to know that were some familiar objects that I could grasp onto should I need it.

Madrid is a really busy city, but it seems friendly enough, though perhaps old. I can tell right now I am a little uneasy because I did not want to appear the tourist, and therefore did not stop and stare as much as I would have liked. But I think once I meet up with my group things will be much better.

There are parks and plazas, there is even a courtyard outside my room though no way to get there, so I suppose it is for looks only. But it is pretty. 

I walked past a little park that had a playground all fenced in.  And it seems here that rather than have divisions between sidewalk and street everything is sidewalk until a car come along.  But at least I went out a little bit.  I'm not sure if I am uncomfortable being here, or if I am just uncomfortable being this alone, but so far I am not sure why I decided to do this in the first place...oh yeah, I was running from something...but now I can't remember what. Perhaps (and I hope ) I will change my mind after I meet someone-anyone-and my group.  

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