August 23, 2008

I'll just Sit-ka here for a while...

in the rain. Seriously, it started raining when we were in Juneau, and I don't think it's stopped since. We now understand why Alaska is a very green state. Because it rains all.the.time.

anyway, we have another shore excursion planned today in Sitka, this one with the whole family. We're doing a sea otter/wildlife quest tour thing. Basically, it's get off our HUGE ship and get on a much smaller ship and go look for wildlife! YAY!!

We board our catamaran and set off in search of sea otters and other assorted wildlife. Boy do we find it. We see a ton of bald eagles, sea otters, jelly fish, (yes, in Alaska), a black tailed deer, more sea otters, a few porpoises, and a whale. Yeah, that's right, another humpback whale. This one was super close to the boat and we had some great views of its tail. Sadly, it was raining pretty constantly and pretty heavily, so my photos and videos are much fewer, and not great, but I'll post what I can, when I can. I'm glad the whole family was on this trip (even if P and G fell asleep).

My camera is great, and I am very glad I made the investment and bought a video camera, but one little problem is, it can't quite figure out what to focus on, so a lot of my pictures are GREAT of the raindrops on the window, and not much else. One thing that struck me as funny is one of the crew was constantly outsider squeegeeing the windows! I also really liked that the served us hot chocolate or coffee and little pastries, so we could stay warm and not starve!

After our 3 hour tour (and yes, mom and I sang the Gilligan's Island theme song just about anytime anyone commented on it being a 3 hour tour) we disembarked at the dock and mom and I set out to see the Russian Orthodox Church and get some lunch. We went to the church (very easy to find, as it's literally in the middle of the road) stopped by a bookstore, asked about a place to get lunch, then went to said place lunch. Mom and I ordered the same thing: A cup of the tomato basil soup, which came with a huge piece of dill bread, and the rice and beans. Both items were very tasty, especially in the rain. I also purchased some crystallized ginger, just in case the boat was rocking and rolling again. We headed back to the tenders to get back to the boat, and were on our veranda a little before 4. We kept watching float planes take off!

Tonight is the Master Chef dinner, and I honestly have no clue what that will be. We're meeting before hand to have drinks.

Ok, the Master Chef dinner is code for FUN!! We got to our table, and each person had a chef's hat to put on. The menu was great, and the entertainment was just what you would expect. They had two of the singers from the entertainment staff that sang a few songs for our amuse bouche (sp) and salad course, and dessert. Great fun, and I think P and G really got a kick out of our waiter juggling.

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Michele said...

you really saw a humpback whale?? maybe i should look into this trip;). i've wanted to see one up close since the voyage of the mimi. your trip sounds awesome!