August 22, 2008

Day Two

"WE GET ON A CRUISE SHIP TODAY!!"! was my first thought upon waking, and I have to admit, I was very excited. I've traveled before but this was something totally new.

Mom and I went downstairs to breakfast at Andaluca again (Steel Cut Scottish Oats topped with bananas, berries, currants, brown sugar, milk on the side) and then went in search of a few things we'd forgotten for our trip...double sided tape, allergy medicine and Dramamine. We couldn't have found a better location in Seattle, because seriously, everything was right there at the hotel.

Go back upstairs, do our 27th check of everything, and call a cab. HAL here we come!

We get to the cruise terminal, and the usual craziness of traveling with 7 other people ensues, but we quickly check in and at 11:30 board our ship!! I have decided to carry my luggage on the ship, but what's nice about HAL is they let us leave it in one of the bars while we go to the Lido deck and have lunch. After lunch we wander around the ship until our staterooms are ready, and at 1 pm we go to our staterooms! Mom and I unpack quickly and then sit out on our *balcony* to watch what's going on on the pier.

The last thing we do before we leave Seattle is have the life boat drill, and then go to the very very top of the boat and watch the ship sale out of Puget Sound.

Seattle is beautiful, but I can't wait for Alaska.

This evening we have our first dinner in the Vista dining room, and it was not to be missed! I had an acupuncture consultation in the middle of dinner, but was assured it would only take 10-15 minutes. I slipped out after salads and before entrees and was back in time to enjoy my roasted lamb over garlic mashed potatoes. (and I had made an appointment for acupuncture, but more on that later)

I had the poached peach rice cloud for dessert, and it reminded me a lot of rice pudding with a peach flavor. All in all, very good.

Once we all headed back to our staterooms, mom began to feel a little seasick, since she is particularly aware of any motion, but she was finally able to fall asleep. and when we woke up: mountains on each side, and then eventually...nothing but ocean.

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