August 22, 2008

Day Three

Before I blog any further, I have to admit that I spent a good deal of time going back and forth, because while this is day 3 of my trip, it's day 2 of the cruise, and I was confusing myself... I decided to stay with the theme of the days in the trip.Mom and I woke up to a knock on the door proclaiming "Room Service" One thing I love about cruising is that room service is included...and breakfast room service is especially nice. HAL does offer a little bit more on the menu (such as eggs and breakfast meat) than Carnival does, but honestly they both are basic breakfast choices.

We sat on our veranda and watched nothing go by but ocean. Occasionally we would see some seaweed or a porpoise, but for the most part, nothing. It is amazing to realize that there is still so much untamed out there, so
much land and water and air...I can always take a moment
and appreciate that the world really is huge and we humans are a very small part of it.

Mom and Granddad and I go to the Promenade deck for a walk, and enjoy a nice walk, constantly commenting on how beautiful the scenery is, and laughing at the fact that there is a cruise ship that has been following us since our departure from Seattle (turns out this ship does the same exact trip we do, just different cruise line, so we see it all week. And can I just say, this is a frigging' huge ship.)

After our walk, we get a call from T w
ho invites us to: BINGO. Not one to pass on
much of anything, mom and I decided to go! We get to bingo, and had a great time. None of us won, but part of the fun was in the playing! After that Mom and I went to Pilates (gotta keep exercising) and then I had my first acupuncture treatment. It was amazing. I felt so energized and relaxed, and she had given me something for the slight bit of motion sickness I had, and now I felt nothing. I swear since that day I did not feel the ship move, save for the night there were 20 foot waves outside, but I can't expect miracles!

After acupuncture, we all get ready in our finery (tonight's a formal night) and meet at the Ocean bar for a pre-dinner drink. P discovered that there are Mocktails on this trip, and became addicted to the "Not-a-Cosmo" I had a mojito and it was good!
We then went to the dining room for our 8 pm reservations (a note about HAL, and my personal opinion. HAL does not have scheduled dining like other cruise lines, and personally, I do not like the "At your service dining". I prefer having the same waitstaff every night, knowing when you can show up and get a meal rather than wait and possibly have to be split up. But that's just me. However, HAL does offer the option to make reservations, and after the first night we agreed that this would be the best idea for all involved, so we could count on a time.)

We had a lovely dinner; I had shrimp cocktail, Alaskan King Crab legs, and Crepes Suzette for dessert. After that we went to the captains toast, where we got to meet the captain, some of his senior staff and got free champagne! then off to bed where a stingray awaited us! Vacationing is hard work!

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