August 23, 2008

Day Eight: Victoria!

We spent the first 2/3 of the day at sea, though this was probably my worst day. I knew yesterday that I was going to have a cold, and sure enough when I woke up this morning my throat was sore, I had a headache and I was exhausted. Mom and I enjoyed another room service breakfast and then, we both fell back asleep. We re-awoke at around 11 and this was just enough time to go hang out in the spa before my last acupuncture session. Which is just what we did. Honestly, we were completely lazy until about 4:30 when we decided to go to the Crows nest bar and watch the boat dock in Victoria. Mom and I didn't have any excursions planned, so we watched the docking process, and then leisurely made our way to the dock, grabbed a cab and headed to downtown Victoria.

We got let off at the Empress Hotel ( and began to wander around the city. We saw a ton of lovely flowers, and understood immediately why Victoria is called the flower capital of the world...there were beautiful flowers everywhere. I'd never seen some of them before, and never seen so many Hyacinth in all sorts of blue-purple-pink combinations. Simply beautiful.

We then headed up Government St just to window shop, and we cam across Bastion Square, and a great little restaurant, appropriately called Wharfside. We sat overlook the wharf, and had a great meal. I had Irish stew and Honey Soy wings (hoping the hot would make my nose un-stuff and my sinuses clear. It didn't.)

So after dinner we got directions to a London Drugs and I bought all sorts of cold medicine, and that did make my feel better. We then returned to Government St and did some window shopping ans some real shopping. We got back to our boat by 10:30 and just enjoyed the evening, started packing our things, and went to bed shortly after we left Victoria after midnight.

Tomorrow, back to Seattle for the day before the red eye home!

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