August 23, 2008

Day 7: Ketchikan (ketchikan't)

Yes, that's my lame joke, and man did I use it, and it's many variations as much as possible. (Ketchicrab, ketchican't ketchicold...)

Mom and I were the only ones who scheduled an excursion in Ketchikan, but it was the one I was most excited about. We went...Crabbing! I think the technical name was something like "Crab feast and Misty Fjords tour" but whatever!
We got off the boat super early, and got on our bus to head to George's Inlet Lodge, where we boarded a boat (the smallest we'd been on so far) and went to pull some crab pots. As we were in route to our final destination, we were treated to great trivia and knowledge of the Misty Fjords/Tongass National Forest. The water we were in at the deepest point was 1300 ft. I was really impressed with how much each tour guide seemed to know, on each excursion, and also how much they seemed to like their jobs. Everyone really seemed be be here because they loved it.

We got to where the crab pots were, and our guide pulled them up; in the first pot (which is really a basket) there were at least 6 crabs. He then explained which ones would be legally acceptable to keep (males, 6.5 inches or larger only) and which ones we would have to throw back. He even offered to let anyone who wanted to hold one do so. I did not want to hold one, because I don't really like the idea of getting pinched. But I took lots of photos, and will upload them asap.

We moved on the the second pot, and in it there were more crabs, and a flounder. OMG! We threw it overboard quickly, and then investigated more of the crabs. We headed back to the lodge where a crab feast had been prepared for us!

Granted, it was like, 10 in the morning, and I am usually not interested in all you can eat crab legs at that hour, but this was an exception. and some of the best crab I've ever had. We had one crab each, and then they offered us refills. I passed, because I was stuffed! We also had a contest as to how tall you could make your crab shells. Our table (we were seated with a very nice couple from Washington state) was very clever, and asked if the bowl of crab shells could be could, so we did! Jim was a great sport and balanced the bowl of shells on his head while standing in a chair, and we won! We didn't actually win anything but it was lots of fun. We then hastily departed and got back on the boat about 15 minutes before it left.

At 3 pm we went to the Indonesian Tea ceremony and had traditional pastries and teas from Indonesia, then mom and I headed to the hydrotherapy pool and thermal suite. (I love spa's, and this was a great one!)

Tonight we are headed to the 5 star restaurant aboard ship, and then the Chocolate extravaganza. tomorrow is Victoria BC, and then our trip is over :(

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